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2013-03-16 10:26:06 AM  

Z-clipped: I don't mean to be rude, but given that you're in a thread where no one has done what you're complaining about, perhaps you should take your own advice?

 I hate these trifles about a meta-discussion about a meta-argument about a joke regarding a bullsh*t article. Reasonable people don't even do this when they are without a written record.
You know what I'm about.  You know I'm not the one freaking out over the meaning of "craft" in any way, which isn't pertinent to the topic at large.  And you know that the people I'm digging at--on "both sides" as you say--are easy, deserving targets.  It's not a two sided thing.  I'm pointing out assholes.  You just felt like dragging it all around into the "I just don't seem to get the very simple point can you explain it again" territory, for hell knows what reason.  Remind me never to get high with you.

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2013-03-16 10:26:41 AM  
I don't know where that thing came from.
2013-03-16 11:38:01 AM  

thamike: I hate these trifles about a meta-discussion

The point I was making was, I've been trying to actually discuss this topic with a little bit of insight in order to help non-industry people understand that the article was ignorantly generalizing about "hipster mixologists", and you want to twist something I said into something nobody said for the purpose of being snarky.  Fine.  Whatever.  Everybody's an asshole.  Have your fun.  Nobody but me is reading your posts anyway.
2013-03-17 02:55:05 AM  
The problem isn't a lack of craft of a lack of craftsmen.  The problem is the Renaissance is finally over and there's no unexplored, heretofore unfathomably nifty new horizons to master and bring the fruits thereof to the grateful masses.  We're all moved in, we've been to the moon, we can travel anywhere on the planet is two day's time, tops.  Food?  Check.  Corporatised, inspected, injected, flash frozen distributed, strawberries-in-winter available and everything has been sprinkled on everything else.  Hooch?  Regulated, flavored, tax stamped and you can walk in any bar in the world and order something from someplace else.  Fabrics?  Even the poorest of the poor can walk around in designer labeled frippery and frocks, and pull an EBT card out of their Mizrahi bag.

The only thing advancing is this bloated monster of interconnected, radio enabled, faster than last week doodads with QWERTY keyboards, flat panel screens and more ports than Istanbul.  And all they really do is create, process, and display simulacums of stuff we've already have had for ages.  They just smoosh stuff down into little, pocket sized pretendy "just as good as" copies and fling them hither and yon and allow Joe in Weehawken to tell Olivia in Minsk that, "z0mg, U have teh hot bod, babe!1" in 3 seconds, barring network congestion.  And it's math.  Binary math, to be precise.  And that is the only thing that looks like a new horizon, anywhere.

We know where everything is, we know where we are in relation to it and a pleasant sounding recording of a pleasant sounding woman tells when to turn left when we go to the next, geomapped, GPS noted place we're heading to.

It's all been done and there's so *little* left to do that fits the old "arrive, employ the peasants, trash the land, exhaust the resources, sell at a profit" model that has so far been the driving force behind what we call progress, that the fat greedy bastards who have engorged themselves with the pelf it creates, and purchased entire governments therewith, have had to fold up their tents and learn Chinese.  You really want to know what's "cutting edge"?  That accessible "ah ha!" that will give you and your skills and your culture a sense of forward motion?  Mopping up the mess.  Putting that brick back on top of that brick, nailing up that bit of crooked wood back in place, pressure washing, scrubbing, dusting, repairing, decorating, refinishing and painting all - this - stuff that we already have.  The stuff we built already that has been neglected so long as we went looking for that next pristine valley over the hill to repeat our little hat trick in.  Only as you head over that hill, there's somebody driving in the other lane towards you looking for the same thing. The great White Folk Expansionist Next Big Thing Will Save Us™ industry has been shuttered and the people still trying to sell you the code key that will get you in the club are talking cross eyed badger spit.  It's time for repair, reflection and repurposing.  And sure, a tasty cocktail will make the work go easier , but let's cut the "new, bold and exciting" malarkey unless you're selling used cars.  Fixing up the old is the new new.  And it wasn't my idea, either but if you've ever cracked a physics paper, you'd know it was inevitable.  Take off your space helmet and pick up a mop.  You know, cause that's what's hip.
2013-03-17 10:36:06 AM  

Z-clipped: Nobody but me is reading your posts anyway.

I love you too.  Keep fighting the good fight, Three Star General.
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