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(LiveLeak) Video WGN News anchors handle the sensitive "gun in vagina" story with tact and the utmost of composure   ( divider line
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10666 clicks; posted to Video » on 13 Mar 2013 at 9:19 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-03-14 08:51:47 AM  

AUAIOMRN: Her glock's in her box?

Or was it a  revulva?
2013-03-14 08:53:24 AM  
related pic...?
2013-03-14 12:22:48 PM  

DjangoStonereaver: nmiguy: It was loaded with 5 shots.  I seen something similar on Youporn.

Actually, according to the report they showed on screen, it had 3 rounds and 1 spent cartridge at the time
of its confiscation.

Think about that for a moment:  if the handle was found poking out, that means the business end of a
pistol stuck up her hoo-ha.  And she did it herself.

It's quicker on the draw if the handle is out.
2013-03-14 03:25:22 PM  
Was it cocked?
2013-03-14 04:46:47 PM  

prjindigo: "smuggling gun into jail" is a false charge

This was addressed already.  Try to keep up.
2013-03-14 05:09:33 PM  

DeathByGeekSquad: I think it's interesting that they avoid saying vagina on air, but show a document that clearly states the revolver was located in the suspect's vagina.

It actually said "suspect vagina"

/Still funny a day later
2013-03-14 06:44:54 PM  
this thread is awesome.
2013-03-14 10:59:17 PM  

Savage Bacon: "Caboose Pistol" would be a great name for a bluegrass band.

I think I might go with "Cooter Shooter"
2013-03-15 02:06:16 AM  
How you doin'?
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