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(WLKY Louisville)   Wanting to cross another item off his bucket list a 71-year-old retired teacher decided to learn about jail life firsthand. He didn't think it was too bad; in fact, he said he "had a good time"   ( divider line
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2013-03-10 07:30:19 PM  
4 votes:
Sharpen the edge of your protractor, then use it to slice someone real good on your first day.
It's the prison way of doing things.
2013-03-10 08:17:21 PM  
3 votes:
Julian, don't be dissing jail, man. We've had some good farking parties in there, we got good friends in there.
2013-03-10 07:50:04 PM  
3 votes:
I wonder if getting farked in the ass got crossed off the list, too
2013-03-10 09:42:51 PM  
2 votes:

Fallout Boy: Of course jail is not so bad once you are passed the age when other inmates would want to butt-wrestle you.

My "f**k-up" stage was in my late teens - early twenties. I spent some considerable time inside during that time, and I have to say, it's not all that bad. Nobody bothered me, I did my own time, got housed, fed, and doctored.
It's not as bad as being broke and messed up on the street.
Farkers seem to have a VERY distorted idea of what jail is like. Sometimes, I suspect that they are fantasizing something they would - you
2013-03-10 07:36:17 PM  
2 votes:
Of course jail is not so bad once you are passed the age when other inmates would want to butt-wrestle you.
2013-03-11 02:10:59 PM  
1 vote:

over_and_done: Pumpernickel bread: It's not that bad if you are housed with the nonviolent offenders. Those guys lie in their bunks at night and sing "baby got back ". Those biolrnt offenders held fight club at night. Their nightly entertainment was watching done guy get his face caved in

Is that slang or a typo?

I'm not snarking, I genuinely have no idea what you just said.  :-)

What's all this fuss I keep hearing about biolrnts on television?
2013-03-10 10:06:56 PM  
1 vote:
It's not so bad - sleep late, watch TV, write up appeals, take long showers, lift weights - you get used to it.
2013-03-10 09:36:40 PM  
1 vote:
Is "bucket list" a common term?  I actually had to google that term.  I never heard of that.
2013-03-10 09:09:00 PM  
1 vote:

fusillade762: When he was cited for improper brake lights

What does "improper" mean in this context? I mean, I get "broken", but "improper"?

Maybe they flashed out dirty words in Morse code.
2013-03-10 08:12:48 PM  
1 vote:
I've always wanted to try jail before I died too.
I reckon I can manage a month easy.

Of course, I'd want to be prosecuted in a nice country/ county.
Y'know, without er, ethnic issues for me in the jail system and guys named 'Bubba'.

Also heroin; always wanted to try heroin before I die. Why?
2013-03-10 07:41:46 PM  
1 vote:
Oh yea, did that. Pissed of a judge when asking questions about a traffic citation. Charge was dropped, but slapped me with contempt - told him judges were previously attorneys and attorneys suck. Wrong answer for the day.  Food was mediocre, but they had cable, which I didn't at the time. Only 18 hours.
2013-03-10 07:40:45 PM  
1 vote:
He's right. $160 for a brake light is excessive. I'm glad he squandered taxpayer money.
2013-03-10 07:39:04 PM  
1 vote:
wait until he tries a psychiatric lockdown ward. some have really good food & desserts, others having small kitchenettes and the fridge is full of pudding and treats.

skantea: in one psych ward I met a really nice brother, a huge hulking beast of a man. He told me he was in because the fireplace told him to kill someone, anyone. we did popsicle stick art projects together in craft therapy.
2013-03-10 07:30:40 PM  
1 vote:
I did that. I was 20.

I broke the law. Given three days in jail or $200, I chose jail. They gave me credit for one night when I was arrested.

So I reported for jail Friday night and they released me Sunday night. It was boring. The food was not sickening. The lights were on all night

I learned a lesson and behaved afterwards.

/ kinda CSB
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