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(Some Guy)   Activist judge dismisses jurors with pro-life bias   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, activist judge, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, infanticides, abortion law, jury selection, abortions, death penalty  
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2013-03-08 01:33:10 PM  
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The Name: FTFA: "The Gosnell case is a watershed moment for the issue of abortion," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. "The discovery of his horrific practices helped shed light on an abortion industry that has run amok without oversight or accountability for decades, and has prompted significant changes in abortion laws and attitudes toward enforcement in several states."

Just in case anyone's wondering about this unusual term (which seems to be coming up more and more often lately) . . . yes, Republican voters actually believe that there's an entire multi-billion-dollar per year industry built entirely around performing abortions.  This industry, according to Republicans, even has an entire advertising wing in the form of the glorification of sex in mainstream media and non-abstinence-only sexual education in public schools.  Nurses and doctors at Planned Parenthood and other women's health facilities -again, according to Republicans- are specially trained to talk young, pregnant girls into having abortions so they'll be desensitized to the procedure at an early age and thus come back to give the clinics more of their "business."

I learned all of this listening to AM radio on a trip through rural Missouri.

If abortion really is a multi-billion dollar per year business, then Planned Parenthood is the equivalent of a titan of industry. Why should we as Americans try to punish those smart enough to run their own small business? If anything, we should be trying to increase the money they bring in so more good paying, abortion-related jobs can flourish in this country. You can read all about it in my new book, "Condoms and Prom Night: A Horrible Combination"
2013-03-08 12:25:19 PM  
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It's easy as hell to get out of jury duty without being spotlighted on the news.
I've been dismissed twice.
1st time: They realized my dumb 19-year-old ass was chosen for duty at my own trial. Yes, I was stupid enough to drink just over 3 beers and do a burn out in a public park. (Won't drive after even ONE beer now)
2nd time: I had planned a vacation to go rock climbing at El Capitan and the trial was expected to last a couple of weeks. All it took was standing up and shouting NOT GUILTY to get off the hook. Came damn close to contempt charges though.
Since then I've only been chosen once and I served. Awesome trial with public sex (pics and video included) and short bicycle police chase. Never knew justice could be so much fun.
2013-03-08 12:04:19 PM  
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Source:, a blog no one's ever heard of with a politically issue-biased name
Factual Error in first sentence: Refers to fetuses as "babies", which is both biologically and English-language vocabulary incorrect, regardless of where you stand on abortion.
Sourcing fail: The "one report" that "indicates" their claim is from, which , even if you disregard the fact that everything it publishes is fabricated from nothing, would still be a secondary, not a primary source.

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2013-03-08 12:01:35 PM  
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