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2013-03-10 09:55:35 AM  
OK, but I'm stuck in a low-end public service job making 1/4 of my pre-recession salary and staring down the barrel of retirement with literally no savings, but "HEY, SUCCESS EVERYWHERE!"

Fark you all
2013-03-10 07:06:16 PM  

jst3p: According to what economists?

Look empirically at the healthiest economies in world history - specifically those that do so on their own merit and are not some mullah-ocracy sitting on massive amounts of oil.  Chile, the Balkans, examples of how sustainable growth and restrained entitlements are best for economies.

self-borrowing only works when you are the world reserve.  Other countries that have tried it have failed miserably.

efgeise: Actually, after 5 years and trillions of dollars spent, unemployment rapid increase from 7.8 to 10 was halted and then spun around back down to 7.7. But hey, snapshots in time are the most effective way of showing the health of the economy, right?

The way unemployment is calculated is perhaps the definition of moving the goalposts.  GDP growth is crawling along at fractions of a percent, we have a negative savings rate (meaning we spend way more than we earn, crushing the Keynesians belief that we need to spend more) and the labor force participation rate is falling along with an aging entitlement class.

farkers like to joke about how the unemployment rate doesn't count this, or doesn't count that but ultimately it does only factor in people who are actively looking for work and cant find it.  Those who are out of work and have said "fark it," are living off savings, other entitements, credit cards, or who are underemployed are not counted.  7.8% is not good. Neither is 7.7%.  Neither number is really indicative of the current economic situation.
2013-03-11 04:20:04 PM  

kg2095: DamnYankees: And we continue to kick Europe's ass.

Really? That's a pretty anemic kick.

Norway 3.0%
Switzerland 3.1%
Austria 3.9%
Germany 5.4%
Iceland 5.7%
Russia 6.4%
Malta 6.6%
Romania 6.9%
Belgium 7.5%
Denmark 7.7%
Netherlands 7.7%
United Kingdom 7.7%
Finland 7.9%
Sweden 8.1%
Poland 10.6%
France 10.7%
Italy 11.1%
Portugal 15.8%
Spain 26.1%

I don't know sh*t about Econ or most business matters, but take your list and re-arrange it according to population and then maybe see how it stacks up?  Or maybe even GDP?

I'm thinking is not all that difficult to keep a tiny country of say 5-10 million people employed....
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