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2001-11-28 12:04:56 AM  
interesting... Shatner is INSANE
2001-11-28 12:05:02 AM  
2001-11-28 12:06:13 AM  
"CRUSHER CRUSHED Wheaton gets dissed from all sides on ''Link''"

I declare JIHAD in the name of Lord Wheaton! A Fatwah on the one known as "Anne Robinson!"
2001-11-28 12:06:59 AM  
Did anyone see Shatner on Conan about a week ago pomoting "Iron Chef"? He is insane, he started doing a mini-Ballmer monkey dance in the middle of the interview. Pretty damned funny.
2001-11-28 12:07:10 AM  
Robbie, correction: Shatner is a sick, sick man.
I wouldn't try to kiss Anne Robinson if I was paid. Well, maybe I would, but only if the price was right.
2001-11-28 12:11:25 AM  
shatner is sick - he has had tinnitus for decades.
imagine a constant ringing in your ears for 30 years.
you'd be a little off kilter, too.
2001-11-28 12:12:32 AM  
''Coming on to me on national television -- when he knows my husband's gonna watch the show -- is just unfair, and frankly rude,'' Dawson says to the camera. (We don't think she's joking).

Didn't I read this exact phrase on Wil's site? I know I've seen it before, somewhere. Where did EW snag this from?
2001-11-28 12:20:02 AM  
Wil gave that line to EW in an interview, he said so on his site.
2001-11-28 12:22:52 AM  
I heard Wil's favorite basketball player is Zan Tabak but he also really likes Uwe Blab.
2001-11-28 12:24:14 AM  
Hey Wil, did Shatner fart during the show? Did they edit it out?
2001-11-28 12:25:12 AM  
Jazel:Why is it all I can think of is all the episodes he clutches his ears and screams in pain?
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-28 12:25:24 AM  
This story ran a few days ago. I quoted it on my site, because I thought that Roxann was all stressed at me.

I thought she got the joke, and maybe she did...but I'm not sure.
2001-11-28 12:27:15 AM  
I would have laughed hystarically. She obviously has no sense of humor.
2001-11-28 12:28:13 AM  
Tinnitus comes in handy at casinos. It cancels out the subconscious mind control frequencies that make you gamble more.

When I was in Vegas in summer of '99, I think I saw Shatner gambling at the Luxor. He was winning at the nice baccarat table in one of those high rollers sections.
2001-11-28 12:28:21 AM  
If she didnt get the joke then the terrorists have won.
2001-11-28 12:31:43 AM  
HollywoodNorth:She'd better let the inspectors in or...she'll find out.
2001-11-28 12:31:46 AM  
HollywoodNorth: I though Wil stole that line from you? Why are you still using it, possession is 9/10ths the law.
2001-11-28 12:33:48 AM  
I stole it back. I aint giving up that easy.
2001-11-28 12:41:43 AM  
Does Roxann know that The Internet is laughing at her?
2001-11-28 12:42:13 AM  
She did look cute though.
2001-11-28 12:47:05 AM  
Wil You should hit up Frakes and get a part on Roswell.
2001-11-28 12:48:20 AM  
Is roswell gonna last.
Let him get an part on enterpise as his great great great great grandfather.
2001-11-28 12:59:58 AM  
Katmbca: She said it right after she was booted off the show.
2001-11-28 01:12:51 AM  
At the end of the story it has a link to vote for entertainer of the year, lets all not forget to vote for Wil Wheaton... many, many, many times. Oh and do not forget to vote a few times for Ron Jeremy, because he has a big weiner.
2001-11-28 01:23:07 AM  
Hey, I didn't know that Wil was really Wil. I think that makes sense.

Anyway, I agree with most other people on this, she just needs to lighten up a bit.
2001-11-28 01:24:15 AM  
Ann Robinson needs to get laid... any volunteers?
2001-11-28 01:27:18 AM  
There is no way that, left to my own devices, I'd find web sites about rogue elephants or Tina Yothers. Even if I happened upon them, I wouldn't get to discuss their merits with people from all walks of life; even dickheads and trolls. Dunno which one you are, subigo.
2001-11-28 01:34:44 AM  
I'm with Macfrugal. My bag's in the car, let's go have a couple of beers and fling the big resin ball around. Who needs to defend that which speaks for itself?

Wil, I do hope she got the joke. Maybe she was playing a charecter too. And hell, I'd hit on her in front of her husband on national tv too.
2001-11-28 01:39:32 AM  
Actually I am not sure if she did get the joke... she seemed a little... uhm... uptight?

Who knows maybe it was just that time of the month or something?
2001-11-28 02:28:42 AM  
How curious that she reacted to Wil the same way her character would react to Wil. Go figure.
2001-11-28 02:32:30 AM  
No offense to Wil, but I'm in theatre, and I've noticed that there are many actors who have trouble not playing characters when they're in front of people. I think that's odd. You don't see programmers reciting code at family gatherings. Or maybe you do, but that's not the point.
2001-11-28 03:27:00 AM  
I just don't understand why Princess Leia wasn't on. You should have hit on her; she was, after all, your sister in the series, Wil.
2001-11-28 03:55:48 AM  
Anne Robinson is a babe.

2001-11-28 04:39:09 AM  
Oh, HollywoodNorth I don't know if Roswell is going to last. UPN is letting me down. The show was so much better before. I hate to say it but Ronald D. Moore is not good at romance writing. Not too mention the gaping holes in the plot these days is (to borrow a fark phrase) like tossing a hotdog down a hallway.
Pretty much pisses me off, as the show really has a great premise. The potential is there, but seems to be waning more and more as the weeks go by.


Though I love the name of the Sheriff's band. The Kitshickers. LOL!
2001-11-28 06:10:59 AM  
11-28-01 01:24:15 AM Code_Archeologist
Ann Robinson needs to get laid... any volunteers?
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

No way - she's a ginger!!! Yeuuuuuuk!
2001-11-28 06:25:33 AM  
Ther following is just asinine...
"However, Roxann Dawson (''Voyager'' sex symbol B'Elanna Torres) appears less amused when the married Wheaton jokes that he's in love with her. ''Coming on to me on national television -- when he knows my husband's gonna watch the show -- is just unfair, and frankly rude,'' Dawson says to the camera. (We don't think she's joking). In his defense, Wheaton claims to be playing a character, an exaggerated version of himself."
Obviously these schmucks don't know a whole lot about Wil, or the Show or much of anything... I suppose they thought Shatner really kissed Ann too and wanted her bad... (Well, maybe he did, but still...)
2001-11-28 06:27:40 AM  
What the hell does this article have to do with anything?
2001-11-28 06:43:38 AM  
Why even check out an article with the Wheaton tag? Are you afraid he's getting more attention than you?

2001-11-28 08:26:17 AM  
Wil Wheaton is a wonderful actor...... for me to poop on.
2001-11-28 09:11:53 AM  
She's just mad cause she cant get work now that Voyager ended.
2001-11-28 09:51:38 AM  
Wil was the Weakest Link! G'pye!
2001-11-28 10:01:18 AM  
Fark works just fine for me...
As for Wil, I really did not care for your caracter on TNG, but I have a new respect for you after watching you on the Weakest Link. As for Roxanne... now I know why she was cast as a Klingon Biach!
2001-11-28 10:02:54 AM  
I cast my vote. They aren't even pretending to count the votes they don't want (ie Wheaton, Walken, etc.).

>Thanks for voting in the nomination phase of our 2001 >poll. We'll tally all the nominations and post the winners >list on on Friday, Nov. 30.

>Then, from Saturday, Dec. 1, till Thursday, Dec. 6, AOL >will post the final poll where you can pick one winner >from a list of 10 top nominees. To vote in the final >round, log on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: EWPoll.
2001-11-28 11:09:14 AM  
"Hotdog in a Hallway" is a NoFX song off of their "Heavy Petting Zoo" EP.
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-28 11:13:29 AM  
If Fb- can't poop on me, then...all your base are belong to the terrorists, who kiss you.
2001-11-28 11:29:55 AM  
Hey Wil, you being on Fark is really cool.
2001-11-28 12:37:25 PM  
The page is farked for me... I am lost in this conversation... someone wanna give me the Cliff Notes?
2001-11-28 12:44:21 PM  
Nevermind I got it.

You should have bent her over the back of a chair! Leave a couple of red hand-prints on her ass. Let her husband find those.
2001-11-28 12:47:58 PM  
That article blew. I expected to hear about all the contestants, not just the same idiotic Wil bashing that has gone on far too long.

Obviously, Torres needs to get herself slapped in the face a few times, and EW needs to run a new story, one with oh, I don't know, a positive spin on Master Wheaton.

Does everyone just hate everything now? Is that it? I can't even read half of these message board posts or stories anymore, because everyone just hates farking everything.
2001-11-28 01:03:51 PM  
Hooray for Wil! So, didja get any Anne Robinson?
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