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(Mother Nature Network)   It's illegal to not hire somebody because she is an African Muslim lesbian in a wheelchair. But nobody cares if the only reason you don't get a job is because you're a smoker   (mnn.com) divider line 11
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2013-03-07 07:01:14 AM  
4 votes:
African Muslim lesbian in a wheelchair

I have that DVD
2013-03-07 07:37:48 AM  
2 votes:

HindiDiscoMonster: Jon iz teh kewl: HindiDiscoMonster: Day_Old_Dutchie: Smokers - here's the world's tiniest violin playing for you.

Oh, and those calculating, cold-hearted "suits" who run the tobacco industry and their stockholders who are responsible for manufacturing and marketing a product that mains and KILLS is users and reduces the quality of life for those around them when used as designed - Die in a fire, slowly and painfully.

someone sounds a little concerned.


maybe we should put "not for human consumption" labels on cigarettes, then if they use them as designed they won't kill

i wonder though... what would they be used for if not to kill people? Some suggestions:

Lightweight objects to throw at people you are disgusted with.
Poison... that could be popular (I read that the nicotine extracted from 1 cig is enough when injected to kill someone - lethal injection anyone?) - that's the money saving idea
Decoration - you know, for art... some cigs and their packs are quite beautiful... they put allot into attracting people after all

those are my ideas... do you have any?

putting them around Amy Winehouse's grave

2013-03-07 11:27:41 AM  
1 votes:
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who works with a girl in HR. I guess it's pretty effective.
2013-03-07 09:57:50 AM  
1 votes:

<singing> One of these things is not like the others...
2013-03-07 08:51:35 AM  
1 votes:

RockofAges: ^^^^

In other words, we should "choose" to stop an activity before we are "shamed" and then "forced" to do so arbitrarily.

Because that's choice, and freedom, after all.

Oh sorry I thought you wanted to stymie the nefarious plot being perpetrated by moralizing busy bodies at the upper echelons of our society.
2013-03-07 08:19:16 AM  
1 votes:

Bomb Head Mohammed: Popular Opinion: obviously one attribute is a matter of choice.

religion is not?   why is it not ok to discriminate against people with "religious" unfounded wacky beliefs that affect their judgement but it is ok to discriminate againt, say, people who you feel don't have the necessary critical thinking skills for a job based on having a business degree from florida state?

You just blew my mind. (of course I have not had coffee yet).

Religion does seem (to me) like a minor mental illness. It certainly calls in to question a person's ability to use logic or science to decide what to believe.

Why is it illegal to hire based on the question "Does you have any invisible friends with super powers?"
2013-03-07 08:02:54 AM  
1 votes:

DrPainMD: Put me on the jury and nobody would be convicted of discriminating against anybody for any reason. Freedom of association is a basic right.

You sound..... white.
2013-03-07 06:57:08 AM  
1 votes:
Nicotine addiction, like alcoholism, is a disease. If the employer is willing to ignore the rights of the sick, I'm happy to just as well take my business somewhere else.

I'm no smoker. I can't stand the smell of tobacco. But it's a pretty low person who will make it a policy to discriminate against someone because of a disease.
2013-03-07 06:55:31 AM  
1 votes:

Jon iz teh kewl: what if you STOP smoking 2 months minutes before the job
is that ok
or does it have to be 3

Does this still work?
2013-03-07 02:55:34 AM  
1 votes:
I loved, loved, LOVED smoking.  I recently quit for health reasons, but barring that I'd dearly love to be smoking right now.

Nobody should be forced to put up with it, though.  Smoking is a personal choice.  Being African, female, or lesbian is not.  Being Muslim kind of is, but that involves freedom of speech and religion, which should be encouraged if for no other reason than your personal right to laugh at Muslims if you want to.
2013-03-07 01:12:25 AM  
1 votes:
That's because you could stop being a smoker.
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