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(Denver Post)   Pro tip: Make sure the person asking to see your ID isn't the person you stole it from. And who writes checks anymore, anyway?   ( divider line
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2013-03-06 09:44:27 PM  
I write checks just to piss off the people in line behind me.
2013-03-07 12:13:45 AM  

louiedog: catmandu: I write 12 checks a year for my rent. Can't convince the landlord to accept electronic payments.

Look into Online Bill Pay with your bank.

I use online bill pay with my landlord. Instead of account number I put my address in so they know it was me (I wasn't sure what the check looks like that they would receive). Never had an issue with them.

Although now that I plan on moving at the end of the year I've been writing checks like crazy trying to use them up. I have writer's cramp.
Except I fill them out (minus the amount & signature) before i go into the store, complete with pone number and dl number and have my ID ready just in case.

/retail veteran
2013-03-07 11:36:25 AM  
I'm writing more and more checks now that businesses are charging an extra 3% to use my credit/debit card.
Those whiners behind me in line can get over themselves.
2013-03-07 04:18:37 PM  

cgraves67: old people

Old people who like a paper trail so the banks can't lie about your account and get away with it. Have you ever been to You won't read tales of checks being farked like credit and debit cards. I even use duplicate types. Settles every dispute I have had with a bank in seconds. Even a dispute with the County Tax Department. Paper shuts them up every time.
2013-03-07 10:47:13 PM  
My gas bill and water bill are paid my check because both of them want to charge me a fee to pay online. The fee is greater than the cost of a stamp, so a check it is.
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