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(Lido Beach)   Farker is headed to Sarasota for business in April, specifically Lido Beach. Wondering if any local Farkers to the area can suggest some good local restaurants or bars or other attractions worth visiting while I'm there   ( divider line
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2013-03-05 02:34:55 PM  
sorry, can't help, but you might try works for me!
2013-03-05 02:41:50 PM  
Every time I see one of these I imagine that it's some married TF'er trying to get some the side.
2013-03-05 02:56:33 PM  
My Mother loves Patrick's. Let me hit her up for a few more suggestions.
2013-03-05 03:01:48 PM  
Mak sure to shuffle.... Lido Shuffle.
2013-03-05 03:21:50 PM  
visit siesta key. the sand is like powdered sugar.
2013-03-05 03:23:47 PM  

FlashHarry: visit siesta key. the sand is like powdered sugar.

I like the Siesta Key Oyster Bar as well.

"There is no beer value in food but there is food value in beer"
2013-03-05 03:25:24 PM  
Sarasota has The Olive Garden and a Hooters.. what more do you need to know?
2013-03-05 03:36:20 PM  
I have relatives there, but I'll be damned if I remember the names of any of the delicious places we ate last time I was down there in 2010.  I do recall Longboat Key and Siesta Key being especially AMAZING beaches though.  One of them, they did a drum circle thing on Sunday(?) that was pretty neat.
2013-03-05 03:41:35 PM  

Eddie Adams from Torrance: Sarasota has The Olive Garden and a Hooters.. what more do you need to know?


oh, and:
2013-03-05 05:08:13 PM  
Lived there for 15 years...

St. Armands Circle -  - eat, drink and shop.

Go north to Longboat Key - Euphemia Haye, Pattigeorge's, Cafe I Europe, Chart House - call ahead

41 and East Ave. - Michael's On East - call ahead

Make sure to visit - and
2013-03-05 05:13:40 PM  
shorts and flip flops food -

Salty Dog -  Siesta Key and Longboat Key.
2013-03-05 05:21:25 PM  

Your profile needs work.
2013-03-05 06:09:02 PM  
How long are you here for? Will you have a car?

If so, I'd suggest heading up North to Treasure Island (VIP Lounge for Mexican, across the street from the beach, go there and walk to all of the places around there in TI, find the R Bar for old fashioned Florida bar dank goodness with killer all you can eat nights, find Caddys on the Beach for bikinis, beer pong and kinda decent but who cares you're on the beach food, KaTiki if you're a hippie who loves the beach) or St. Pete Beach (the beach bar at the Bon-Aire - called the Shimmy Shack) for the best goddamn burger ever, right on the sand, or the Drunken Clam for an all out good bar time, and everything around those two places on SPB is fun too.

If you're up this way and looking for fine dining that's actually casual but effing awesome on the beach go to the Salt Rock Grill.

If you find yourself in Tampa drink in Ybor City - find the Dirty Shame - start there and work your way up.

And watch out for sinkholes...and monkeys...and hookers...
2013-03-05 06:16:24 PM  

Bob_Laublaw: Mak sure to shuffle.... Lido Shuffle.

Now, see, I was going in the same general direction. I clicked the comments thread and, while it loaded, was running through the lyrics in my head to see what I could work with.

"Don't miss the boat when you leave your shack, because you probably ain't coming back..."

"I wouldn't stay there longer than it takes to grab a handle off the top...," etc.

But just the link to the song? C'mon, man. Step up your game.

/while we're on the subject of Boz, is there a song that screams "the 1970s!" more than "Lowdown"?
2013-03-05 06:28:57 PM  


Make sure to visit - and

Ah yes I totally forgot about that. Do NOT miss the Ringling house and museum down there. Worth it. Also, isn't the Salvador Dali museum somewhere in that area? Or is that Tampa? That's on my hit list for our next trip down.
2013-03-05 06:36:17 PM  
Dali's in St. Pete. Downtown St. Pete is fun too...Central Ave.
2013-03-05 06:41:37 PM  
The Dali is in St. Petersburg, just about 30 minutes north of Sarasota and way cooler anyway (speaking as a St. Pete resident of course).

I haven't been down to Sarasota in ages but the Ringling Museum is certainly worth the time. I've been there a couple of times and never really bothered to look at the actual artwork; I like the grounds and the weird architecture of the place. It's all very Gatsby and the art seems like the sort of thing Gatsby would collect because it was expensive and because it would impress people in the early 20th century; not because it was good art that anyone would really like.

But if you need to go to the beach Ft. Desoto is just a quick jump over the Sunshine Skyway and it's probably one of the best beach parks in the world. And I've been to a few.
2013-03-05 07:13:33 PM  
Just cruise up and down Main Street or Coconut in Sarasota.  Parking sucks but there are some fantastic restaurants to be found.

For comfort food, check out Yoder's in Pinecraft.  Try not to run over any of the Amish while there, though.
2013-03-05 07:34:35 PM  
Half shell oyster house. it's downtown. best char grilled oysters ever.
2013-03-05 08:13:28 PM  

inline4: Half shell oyster house. it's downtown. best char grilled oysters ever.

Char grilled oysters? Never heard of that one before....

\then again, this is New England, where your options are fry, broil with breadcrumbs or baked stuffed at 99% of the places
2013-03-05 08:42:22 PM  
Second on the Dali Museum, and the Ringling house and museum.  The circus museum, probably not.

Lots of golf down there too.
2013-03-05 08:55:42 PM  
shiat, I live about half hour south of Sarasota and I'm drawing a blank. I think most everything's already been covered in the previous dozen comments or so. But then again, I don't get out much.
2013-03-05 09:33:55 PM  
Ahhh Sarasota...birthplace of Carla Gugino and pc_gator, Don't miss
2013-03-05 11:15:41 PM is really good. We always hit that up when we go down there shark toothing.
2013-03-06 01:28:02 AM  

Centerpoint: shorts and flip flops food -

Salty Dog -  Siesta Key and Longboat Key.

nekom: Do NOT miss the Ringling house and museum down there. Worth it.

This, that, these and those. Also recommend Woody's River Roo if you find yourself up by Ellenton.
2013-03-06 07:43:40 AM  

pc_gator: Ahhh Sarasota...birthplace of Carla Gugino and pc_gator, Don't miss

Used to work within walking distance of Curry Creek.  Always had his Asiago turkey club and a lemonade for lunch.  His curry dishes aren't too bad, either.

If you make it to Casey Key, The Casey Key Fish House on Blackburn Point Road is a favorite.  Closer to Siesta (Gulf Gate) on 41 is Beckam's which moved up from Osprey.

Stephen Root is from Sarasota, too.
2013-03-06 08:47:25 AM  
If you have a rental car, go to the hard rock in Tampa
2013-03-06 10:33:16 AM  
I grew up in Sarasota, but haven't lived there since 2003.  It's changed a lot since I was in high school so I'm not up to date with the latest and greatest anymore.

Its been mentioned upthread but Yoders is good if you're don't plan on moving much the rest of the night, they have good pies so save room for desert.
Wandering around downtown probably isn't a bad idea, things tend to come and go there, but there should be something good.
There used to be a really cool bookstore occupied mostly by cats downtown as well, but I think it closed down a few years ago.
Depending on your mood you could try wandering around New College, you might see something interesting.
Ringling museum is neat, I seem to remember a botanical garden of some sort off of 41 near the marina as well.

Someone mentioned Casey key as well, I used to work at the Blackburn point Swing bridge ($8.78/hour to open and close a bridge, best summer job ever), neat old historical bridge if you're into that kinda stuff.  I think Steven King lives on Casey key as well.

Jerry Springer still lives in Sarasota I think, he used to buy groceries at the Publix my sister worked at.

Check for concert listings at Janus Landing (I think i spelled it right) up in St. Pete, and Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa, tickets are pretty reasonable and you would be surprised at some of the bands that go through there.
2013-03-06 12:35:07 PM  

pc_gator: Ahhh Sarasota...birthplace of Carla Gugino and pc_gator, Don't miss

I see Bobby has changed the menu.  BTW, his family owns and operates the Left Coast Seafood Co. around the bend on the Bypass.
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