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(Telegraph)   Article about ill-fitting bras with visual aids: "Christina Hendricks is displaying 'the ledge issue' caused by ill-fitting bras which give an 'over uplift' effect, transforming breasts into a 'ledge.'"   ( divider line
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2013-03-06 04:32:26 AM  

ImpatientlyUnsympathetic: Straightening his wife out regarding her clothing sounds creepy. I did have a very odd experience, where my husband suggested I try on smaller clothes and I could not, in my current state of mind, reconcile needing to buy clothes 2 sizes smaller than everything I owned already. I didn't really think I had lost enough to drop two sizes, but he was right. But if he said he'd straightened me out... I would not appreciate it.

At several points someone in your life is going to correct some long-cherished assumptions of yours. It sucks, it's irritating, but it's true, and that person will be justified for describing themselves as straightening you out. It's not the slightest bit creepy, and it might work for their relationship.

A bit condescending, though, and you might be justified in being petulant, but again, it helps no one.

Fark it, you marry someone, just laugh off their annoying quirks and fark their brains out or divorce them. Life's too short to hunt for signs of abuse in everything a partner does.
2013-03-06 06:32:54 AM  

Grand_Moff_Joseph: No sense in buying it if you're going to hate it 10 seconds after putting it on.

The challenge with wearing sheer lingerie for more than 10 seconds should have nothing to do with comfort.
2013-03-06 09:27:24 AM  

OgreMagi: I'm very disappointed in the complete lack of BIE despite me making sure there I have EIP.  I thought at least one or two of the lovely farkettes in this thread would do the right thing.

And you won't get any with that kind of attitude. Nobody owes you BIE. Getting pissy about it sure won't help
2013-03-06 01:05:16 PM  

Grand_Moff_Joseph: Way too late to this conversation, but on the lingerie subject:  I don't get too hung up on how sheer or slinky it looks - I'm most concerned with it fitting the person wearing it comfortably, and being a piece that they truly enjoy wearing.

Usually, the comfortable, really wearable pieces aren't the slinkiest, but I just don't see a big deal with that.  No sense in buying it if you're going to hate it 10 seconds after putting it on.

That's not the point of slinky, shiny lingerie - it's meant to be ripped off after ten seconds.
2013-03-07 01:49:27 PM  

foxyshadis: encyclopediaplushuman: foxyshadis: Is this what they mean by too tight? (NSFW)

Dude, seriously. Why use than when...

She has a deviantArt (NSFW) You seem like you might like this (PNSFW) specifically if you liked that.

Because I buh can't brain now.

/Not a latex fetishist but holy crap might make an exception today.

That woman is scary looking.
2013-03-07 03:01:13 PM  

Kahabut: That woman is scary looking.

At times, yes, but check the pictures where she isn't wearing glasses.
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