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(NPR)   Cardinals can't agree when to start conclave, still trying to live down the embarrassment of losing to the Giants in last year's NLCS   ( divider line
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jbc [TotalFark]
2013-03-04 04:15:07 PM  
2 votes:

Nightsweat: Typical Cards fan. More obsessed with the Cubs than his own team.

Typical Cubs fan. Shiat-for-brains imbecile living in a fantasy world with no grasp on reality.
2013-03-04 12:40:39 PM  
2 votes:

Famous Thamas: Personally, I'm hoping for a black pope, because that would be awesome.

There have been several popes born in North Africa, Syria, Palestine, etc. so it might not be as much of a historical first as people seem to think.

But, yeah.  Given the fraction of the world's Catholics that live in South America and Africa, it's getting to be the elephant in the room when the Vatican keeps selecting white EuroPopes.  Then again, they thought it was a big deal when they selected John Paul II, because he was non-Italian.  Ooooh.  Edgy.
2013-03-04 12:35:17 PM  
2 votes:
I'm guessing they are doing the background work of figuring out who is too dirty with kid/gay charges to move forwards.  I'm guessing it will break down into three factions, the Filth, the anti-Filth and the sycophants who just want the power.  Each side can't ask directly which team they are on, so teasing it out takes time.  Once the lines are clearly drawn, then they will go into the vote.  There is a batch of old cardinals that fall out of the Conclave at the end of the month if I remember right, so I'm guessing once a couple of them drop out, it will give one faction a plurality and the sycophants will join in to make a majority.  But will the plurality be of filth or anti-filth we'll have to see.  If I had to bet, I would bet that historically they would have conclaved right away and had a long session, while this being the internet age, they want it to be a short conclave so they are doing the hard work now.  If I'm right expect a short conclave of two days, three tops.  If they don't have the factions settled out, expect a LOT of black smoke.
2013-03-04 09:09:54 PM  
1 vote:

SwiftFox: Why'd they name them after those birds anyway?

Probably the same reason roman gods were named after planets.
2013-03-04 12:31:45 PM  
1 vote:

TuteTibiImperes: So that is where the Cardinals meet?  That's... dissapointing.  It doesn't look much different from an average corporate conference room or university lecture hall.

I was imagining a room deep within the heart of the Vatican, lit only by candles, ancient stone floors, intricate stained glass, and a faraway vaulted ceiling covered in murals and stained with centuries of candle and incense smoke.

Exactly.  You belong to an archaic, secretive group of old white men with tens of billions of dollars in assets, heavily vested in centuries-old art and architecture.  You literally employ a team to adjudicate how many "miracles" a person performed.  You wear ridiculously ornate robes and hats, and carry scepters that World of Warcraft dorks would call "a little much".  You insist on a language with a practical utility slightly above "Klingon".  You occasionally release dubiously "infallible" proclamations.

At least do something cool with it.  Throw a giant rotating crystal or something in there.  Rent a smoke machine.  Bring back the flagellating monks and have a few dozen doing their thing in the background.  Toss in some secret doors and crap.  Embrace your past and have some altar boys in gimp suits.  Anything besides the Powerpoint-and-stale-donuts gig in that picture.
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