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(Medpage Today)   ADHD may continue into adulthood. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, KITTY"   ( divider line
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2013-03-05 12:54:24 PM  

DaintySavage: You want to learn who really has ADHD? Give them a 30 mg adderall. If they can sit in one spot and read a book, they have it.

I am one of the ones who had ADHD continue on later in life, bringing depression with it. Adderall helps with the focus, but all I can focus on is my depression. It sucks, but I'm back in college and I have no other choice. All my grades improved dramatically with the introduction of the medication.

Replace "sit in one spot and read a book" with "perform a task that they don't really enjoy."  I wasn't diagnosed until my 30s for precisely this reason-- if you're a dork of a kid who likes reading and math and science, you won't have trouble focusing in school, but something like a staff meeting may be nearly impossible for you later in life.

I could sit in one spot and read a book without issue.  The problem was that I should have been doing something else, like paying attention to the meeting.
2013-03-05 02:19:31 PM  
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2013-03-05 07:06:22 PM  

semiotix: it really does feel just like that,

Jon iz teh kewl: no it doesn't, it's just a scheme to get high powered amphetamines from the doctor

Hey now. Why can't it be both?

(And actually, you mean  low-powered amphetamines, although that's part of why they're popular as recreational drugs. You don't need to burn out your brain on the hard stuff to enjoy being wired.)

where would benzedrex rate?  as a high powered or lower powered?
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