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(Rolling Stone)   Eric Clapton says he will stop touring when he turns 70. In other news, Eric Clapton isn't 70   ( divider line
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2013-02-28 04:29:06 PM  
1 vote:

neilbradley: Aaaaaannnd..... STILL don't care for the most overrated guitarist in the universe. No wait, that's Eddie Van Halen. Make Clapton #2...

Really?  I can maybe, sort of see how someone could think Clapton is overrated, but EVH?

Your favorite guitarist must be one of those ultra-obscure players that never perform in public because it "cheapens" their art, or you're way into 20-minute sweep-picking wank fests.
2013-02-28 04:15:24 PM  
1 vote:
Aaaaaannnd..... STILL don't care for the most overrated guitarist in the universe. No wait, that's Eddie Van Halen. Make Clapton #2...
2013-02-28 01:39:48 PM  
1 vote:

Katchaa: Cream

Their big hit was White Room too.  More like Eric Clansman, am I right?
2013-02-28 01:23:40 PM  
1 vote:

Cagey B: Virtual Pariah: Frankly, I think you are being idealistic in expecting him to be perfect.

I like how expecting someone to not get up on a stage and call people "wogs" and "coons" is expecting them to be perfect. Also, this wasn't slavery times in The Olde South™ or some other idiotic historic rationalization. This happened in the 1970s when there really wasn't any excuse any more for being an ignorant dumbass on this issue, if there ever was one.

Also, his response to this day isn't to say "wow, that was extremely stupid and wrong, and I'm sorry", it's "I think it was funny, and I'm just going to keep my opinions to myself, and by the way I can't possibly be racist because BLACK FRIEND hurr". He should have known better at the time and should most certainly know better now. F*ck him.

Virtual Pariah: Accept their flaws and enjoy what they have contributed. You don't have to agree with everything they think.

I recall stating upthread that the fact that EC seems to be a hateful moron doesn't diminish my enjoyment of his music at all. What I have a problem with is that people seem to be trying to minimize his hateful attitudes and blatant racism because he happens to be really f*cking good at playing a guitar.

I was aiming more at FARKED OVER for his calls of hypocrisy and taking this thread in a fairly sideways route.

As for his attitudes, I guess I have to be pretty plain. I don't give a shiat about his opinions outside of his guitar work, He could claim that immigrant mooselim Venusians have moved into his anus and are claiming squatters rights and my answer would be "Play Strange Brew, Guitar Monkey".

I'm giving him as much respect as he deserves. He's a damn fine guitar player who gets paid to play his guitar. I'm not minimizing his hateful attitudes, I'm dismissing them out of hand as not being worth listening to nor getting upset about.
2013-02-28 01:22:40 PM  
1 vote:
"Hi, I'm George Harrison. This is my super uber racist and best pal Eric Clapton. Hari Krishna!"

Something doesn't make sense here when you look at it this way. Conservative? Yes. Made hateful remarks while out-of-his-mind wasted? Yes. But a racist person? I just can't see it.
2013-02-28 12:24:22 PM  
1 vote:
Old man has talent yet maintains old, outmoded worldviews?

Sounds about par for the course.
2013-02-28 11:20:49 AM  
1 vote:

GAT_00: I wasn't aware that God aged.

disinfo.s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size

What does God want with a guitar?
2013-02-28 10:57:06 AM  
1 vote:
Great, so now he will be able to spend more time with his kid.
2013-02-28 10:51:44 AM  
1 vote:
You know the best thing about Clapton?

/he's not Ted Nugent
//rock on, guitar god
2013-02-28 10:46:34 AM  
1 vote:
You know who else is rascist? Your grandparents, but you still love them right?

/he's a pretty shiatty rascist, what with the effusively praising and giving credit to so many of the black blues musicians who influenced him
//and that tribute he did for Robert Johnson
///and that album he recorded with BB King
2013-02-28 10:38:36 AM  
1 vote:
Further more... "Clapton has never denied making these statements and has refused to apologize for his remarks or distance himself from them, although he denies that his views are racist and states that he is merely an opponent of mass immigration."

But he's not a racist.... nope.  Not at all.
2013-02-28 10:32:02 AM  
1 vote:
I wasn't aware that God aged.
2013-02-28 10:13:17 AM  
1 vote:
Clapton rocked the Cee apostrophe D on Top Gear.
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