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(Opposing Views)   If financial problems are hindering your ability to buy food for your animals, consider Pet Food Stamps   ( divider line
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2013-02-26 03:16:31 PM  
1 vote:
In my opinion if we had better health coverage this kind of shiat might not be necessary. I have heard so many stories about how one person in the family gets sick and the family is basically then in debt and possibly homeless forever. That shouldn't happen. I save for retirement, I have health insurance, I have an emergency fund that would cover my salary for 3 months, but if I lost my job and had a few years of medical problems I'd be homeless in 2 years (maybe less) and that is if I cut all extra expenses like pets, special food, fixing my car, etc. If look at your budget it is a little scary how quickly things can go to crap.
2013-02-26 10:43:19 AM  
1 vote:

abhorrent1: Are they doing a financial background check on people who sign up? How about you lose the Tripple-play bundle and unlimited data plans for your 5 smart phones first before you stick your hand out for a freebie. I have 4 dogs. Granted they're small but it's only about $40  month to feed them. How hard is it to come up with $40?

for some people? pretty damned hard, you farking tool.  I've seen people at foodbanks asking the employees if they have any pet food, and being willing to trade some of the meager food assistance they are getting for something for thier pets.  And you know what? I live inthe richest farking county IN AMERICA, and yet that foodbank is always packed and always in need of donations.  Poverty is all around you and sometimes where you least expect it.  A person can lose a job, and while they have all the outward trappings of a sucessful middle class life, thier mortgage is now badly in arrears and they're hoping to hang on until foreclosure,  they are parking their car in different places every night to duck the repo man, an they keep paing thier monthly cell phone bill because they simply can't afford the early termination clause on the contract.  Those folk are pathetically greatful when someone gies them a 20lb tub of kitty litter or a big bag of food because it's one more expense they don;t have to dip into their meager cash reserves for.
2013-02-26 10:06:42 AM  
1 vote:
"We're not looking for government funding at this point," Okon said.
The country does not have a federal pet food stamp program.

I look forward to seeing my Republican Facebook friends post something about Obama's new Pet Food Stamps program any minute now.
2013-02-26 10:04:49 AM  
1 vote:

I read fark for the pics: If you can't afford food, how can you afford proper medical care if they become sick?

You mean for yourself, your spouse and your kids? Good question.
2013-02-26 10:04:08 AM  
1 vote:
I just kill the neighborhood cats, boil the meat, clean the meat off the bones and bag it in portions.  My dog loves it.  Can't do it all the time because there aren't enough cats for daily meals.... but it does offset.
2013-02-26 10:02:31 AM  
1 vote:
You know the cats will just sell 'em at sixty cents on the dollar so they can get catnip.
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