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(Mother Nature Network)   New study says you shouldn't brag to your children about all the awesome times you had using drugs when you were a youth   ( divider line
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2013-02-24 07:27:45 AM  

Asphyxium: "While it may not as 'bad' as alcohol - and that has yet to be determined - pot is not harmless. "

It has yet to be determined that you can't overdose from cannabis?

Do you know how many people die every year from alcohol poisoning?

I'm sorry but as far as ALL drugs, psychoactive (buzz giving) and otherwise are concerned, weed is about as safe as it gets.

You anti-drug extremists know nothing about drugs and never will because all you have on the matter is what the anti-drug extremist un-informed government has told you.

And by the way, cannabis doesn't impair your motor skills like alcohol.  It can fark up some peoples' driving but not everybody's at reasonable doses.

A recent CNN report showed that people at 3-5 times the legal limit for THC drove just fine.  That was from 3/10'ths of a gram, which is more than I smoke in a given session and I smoke a lot.

It took almost $20 worth of weed to fark up their driving.

is that using cop math or regular people math
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