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(WPRI Rhode Island)   The fire inspector who signed off on the Rhode Island nightclub where 100 people died in a fire in 2003 now living on a $4,360-a-month, tax-free pension   ( divider line
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2013-02-21 09:37:17 PM  
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If we would just pay fire inspectors a living wage, the fire would never have happened
2013-02-21 12:54:46 PM  
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Loaf's Tray: Wake up sheeple, this whole tragedy was nothing but a "false flag" operation set up by the US Government to drum up an excuse to go after Big Polyurethane Foam...the official story is laughably absurd; 400+ people went to see Great White on purpose?  WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?
Be careful what you wish for.
2013-02-21 12:16:05 PM  
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What were the requirements of his job relating to the club, and how did her perform them improperly? Be specific."Just over two months later, when the Derderians were purchasing the club from Howard Julian, Michael Derderian asked Larocque to further sharpen his pencil and see if he could increase the club's capacity to 400 for big concerts. Larocque accomplished this and more, raising the building's limit to 404 occupants "when all tables and chairs are removed from all areas," so long as a uniformed firefighter was privately hired by the club for all such events. (Nowhere does the fire code allow for relaxation of its limits when firefighters are present.) This time his calculation allowed only five square feet per person by designating the entire building as standing room. This was the physical equivalent of fitting 404 people onto half the surface of a high-school basketball court.
The fire code relied upon by Larocque defines "standing room" as "only that part of the building directly accessible to doors for hasty exit," such as a restaurant lobby or a ticket line where customers stand only temporarily. According to William F. Howe, the chief of inspections for the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal's Office, the code does not permit an entire building to be classified as standing room""The state fire code requires decorative and acoustical materials on nightclub walls to be flame resistant. It forbids materials "of a highly flammable character" and specifies that the fire inspector conduct a simple "match flame test" on a sample if he has any doubt about a material's flammability. Under that test protocol, flame may not spread more than four inches up a vertically held eight-inch strip for twelve seconds after a match is applied to its lower edge. Also, "materials which drip flaming particles shall be rejected if they continue to burn after they reach the floor.""A year later, in November 2001, Larocque himself performed the annual inspection at The Station. Again, he cited the stage door - this time, because it swung inward. Again, club employees removed it for the compliance check - then put it back. And again, the report made no mention of the foam covering the entire west end of the club ""New England Custom Alarms had been under contract to inspect The Station's fire alarm system twice yearly, as required by state law. On December 4, 2002, the company sent the Derderians a registered letter explaining that because the brothers had persisted in failing to pay $65 for their last inspection, the company would no longer be responsible for future testing. A copy of this letter was received by the West Warwick Fire Prevention Office - Denis Larocque's office - on December 6, 2002. If Larocque was aware of the alarm inspection cancellation, it did not cause him to contact The Station before the night of February 20, 2003. "
2013-02-21 09:14:28 AM  
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j4x: Copypasta Alfredo!

I can copypaste things from random places and not tell you where I got them from too.  Here, check this out:

I.F.: You ready yet? Im bearing to go!
SexyKarla17: Yhea im slipping out of my clothes right now, what do you look like?
I.F.: a Kodiac bear
SexyKarla17: ?
I.F.: Im soft naked, fuzzy and waiting for you to come mount me
SexyKarla17: Oh I love cute fuzzy bears, I walk up and get on top of you stroking your soft hair, kissing you gently as my move my way down your stomach
I.F.: I growl to warm you my cubs are near
SexyKarla17: huh?
I.F.: Bears get f**kin pumped when anyone is near their cubs
Sexkarla17: yhea hehe dont be silly..
SexyKarla17: I love how you growl as I continue to kiss you, while taking off your pants.
I.F.: Bears dont wear pants and you should cover yourself in Honey now
SexyKarla17: hehe you would love to lick that off me huh. I pour honey all over my warm wet body waiting for you to start licking it off me slowly
I.F.: I sniff the air to see where the sweet scent of the honey is coming from, while slowly snorting and walking towards you
I.F.: I Growl again, and start to bite you
SexyKarla17: Yhea that feels good..ooooo...not too hard now
I.F.: I bite harder peeling flesh from your stomach, and look up into your eyes to show you my mouth dripping with your warm blood mixed with honey, I then I let my cubs rip apart your limbs and play with you like a ragdoll.
SexyKarla17: what the f**k?
I.F.:uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh and im spent.

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