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(Digital Spy)   Kristen Stewart voted the least sexy actress working today. LINE   ( ) divider line 257
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2013-02-21 01:16:08 AM  

Spaghettiows: I would have put Maggie Gyllenhaal and Minnie Driver on the list as well.  Why were they ever pushed by the Hollywood establishment as "sexy"?

Agree on Driver.

Disagree on Gyllenhaal.  Watch "Secretary."  Hot in a nerdy, geeky, discovering herself sort of way.  Plus, in her follow up, "Mona Lisa Smile," she was the "easy" one out of Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles and Dunst.
2013-02-21 08:57:11 AM  
[ image 470x689]">

You know you loved her in The Incredibles.
2013-02-21 09:32:47 AM  
I don't know what it is, but I really cannot stand this stewart chick
would not fap to
..unless she was part of some guro scene
2013-02-21 01:59:01 PM
I'd play chess with her!
2013-02-21 04:12:31 PM  

AngryJailhouseFistfark: Madbassist1: meanmutton: Madbassist1: meanmutton: I still think that you'd be hard pressed to find anyone less sexy than her who is even remotely near her age.

"That's farking ridiculous.

The only one mentioned in the thread in over 120 comments was Gabourey Sidibe, who absolutely counts on the less sexy and is near her in age (29 versus 22) but really isn't much of a "working actress" -- she's had three small parts in the last three years.

If it's "farking ridiculous", go ahead -- give me a few names of working actresses who are under, say, 35 who are obviously less sexy than Kristen Stewart.

[ image 800x1197][ image 600x380]

I can't speak for the one with the tattoo, she's rather homely and I haven't seen her do anything so I will not judge. Homely is not a deal-breaker, though, as the Sexy v. Attractive camp is asserting.

Kristen Schaal from the John Stewart show is no kind of classical beauty by any stretch, but watching her do her schtick doth emboner me mightily. She's sexy as all get-out and I suspect she would give you The Business in the sack. Lemme tellya, sport, between Kristen Schaal and Kristen Stewart I'd take Schall 10 times out of 10 for sexy.

As for sexy versus attractive I'll say this about that: Classically beautiful features can get you on the cover of the fashion and glamour magazines, but how do you move? How do you talk? Is there any erotic appeal in whatever it is you do? Because if not, you're strictly "attractive", and nothing more. Meanwhile, if you may not be cover-model "media ready" beautiful, but there's a vibe you give off that says you know what you like, you're in touch with your sensuality, and you know how to have a good time, well, that's about ten-thousand times sexier than the pretty-but-dead-inside covergirl.

Give me the homely babe who loves to fark over the prettiest-girl-in-town who lays there like a corpse and can't find her pussy with both hands. Any day."

This goes double, maybe triple, for pr0n. Yeah, I know the Jenna Jameson/Chasey Lain/Amber Lynn types always get the attention and marketing campaigns, but I'd much rather fap to Danielle, Gauge and Sierra any day. The former are women who coast by on good looks. The latter show they enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. No contest between them.

\Sorry if TMI.
2013-02-21 11:17:06 PM  

olapbill: olapbill: taking this thread in the other direction, I just discovered Better Off Ted on Netflix.
And this girl makes my pee pee feel funny.
[ image 369x299]


[ image 500x279]

2013-02-22 04:44:41 PM  

cartmen34: olapbill: olapbill: taking this thread in the other direction, I just discovered Better Off Ted on Netflix.
And this girl makes my pee pee feel funny.
[ image 369x299]


[ image 500x279]


Great show, but if the second season had been a bit less crass, they might still be on the air. Pity.

/ And Portia de Rossi allegedly goes both ways, so we had something for everyone to enjoy.
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