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(Onion AV Club)   The best alter egos of sitcom characters, from George "Art Vandelay" Costanza to Homer "Max Power" Simpson   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Art Vandelay, breakout character, Leslie Knope, New Girl, anti-social behaviour, romantic interest, Aubrey Plaza, alter-ego  
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2013-02-20 04:24:20 PM  

Jaws_Victim: cr7pilot: Roger is genius. It would be difficult to pick a favorite persona, but the episode where he pretends to be Dog the Bounty Hunter is one of my favorites.

my favorite is shallow vows, where he plays a wedding planner. He steals the entire show and everythng done as his jeannie gold planner is hysterical. I personally think that it is the best episode of american dad.

I'm partial to Francine's alter-ego Laurence Fishburne.
2013-02-20 04:29:55 PM  
Caroline Decker from Corpus Christi, Texas
2013-02-20 04:42:23 PM
What, no love for these ladies?
2013-02-20 05:02:24 PM  
Dirk Diggler?
2013-02-20 05:16:01 PM

2013-02-20 05:16:37 PM  

Sandy Duncan's eyeball: [ image 240x320]
What, no love for these ladies?

They have internet at the old folks home? Cool.
Oh wait, that show was on when I was a kid too.

2013-02-20 05:43:24 PM  

scottydoesntknow: cr7pilot: Roger is genius. It would be difficult to pick a favorite persona, but the episode where he pretends to be Dog the Bounty Hunter is one of my favorites.

That one was great (and also one of the best episodes, where Stan and Roger get high). "STAN! Damn you and your one outfit!"

I also like his rookie cop persona where he joined the police force and with Stan's help became the top cadet. He then becomes the most corrupt cop in the precinct less than an hour after graduating.

Roger has lost me. I used to love him and his outrageous schemes because he seemed to truly enjoy the thrill of the con. But lately he only seems intent on slaughtering various family members in gruesome ways for increasingly random reasons. It's like he's turned from a con artist into a deranged, murderous psychopath.
2013-02-20 05:53:31 PM

Abbygail Lemonparty, not one of his best characters, but probably one of the best names
2013-02-20 06:44:40 PM  
El Kabong.
2013-02-20 07:31:58 PM  
 Paddy O'Keith and Dick Vaughn
2013-02-20 08:01:31 PM  

Mr_Ectomy: ChrisDe: No love for Robin Sparkles yet?

I prefer Robin Daggers.

[ image 235x351]

Hey, say what you want, but danica patrick looks great in that picture..
2013-02-20 08:17:06 PM  
They can list "El Barto" but NOT "Professor Chaos"???
Fark you up the butt, AVClub!
2013-02-20 08:53:40 PM  
I think of people who don't like Seinfeld the same way I think of people who don't like dogs or alcohol. Something is just miswired in them.
2013-02-20 09:15:45 PM  

Martonio: "Hey, let's make a list with all the alter egos from Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, New Girl and Arrested Development, plus a few others and call it a day!"

/AV Club lists suck

You know what the first rule of AV Club is, right?
2013-02-20 09:20:31 PM  
My favorite "Dr. Van Nostrand" moment was when Kramer came to the Festivus dinner, only to be recognized by George's boss.
2013-02-20 09:27:12 PM  

mitchcumstein1: Die Harder, Felicia Fancybottom, Ground Control, Matt, Bighead Burton, Fingers, Homeskillet, Big Baby Burton, Burton the Billowy Bear, Curtis, Blackstar, Chocolate Columbo, Magic Head, Spellmaster, SuperSmeller or The SuperSniffer, Slicks, Peter Panic, Gus T.T. Showbiz, Ovaltine Jenkins, Schoonie "U-Turn" Singleton, Vernest Lambert Watkins, Bud (from The Cosby Show), Nick Nack, Bruton Gaster, Lavender Gooms, Lemongrass Gogulope, Squirts MacIntosh, Weepy Boy Santos, Stewart Lee, Dr. Mc [Khoesan tongue clicking sounds] Took, François, Galileo Humpkins, Gus "Silly-Pants" Jackson, Fearless Guster, Shmuel Cohen, Methuselah Honeysuckle, Shutterfly Simmons, Paddy Simcox, Chesterfield McMillan (and wife), Tan, Tangus, Ernesto Agapito Garces Conde de Abelar, Longbranch Pennywhistle, Scrooge Jones, D'Andre Pride, Hummingbird Saltalamacchia, Step-Anthony Wally Ali, Art Vandelay, Dequan "Smallpox" Randolph, Trapezius Milkington, Sterling Cooper, Burton "Oil Can" Guster, Hollabackatcha, Jazz Hands, Gus Brown, John Slade, Detective Miles, Greg, Doughnut Holschtein, Ron Davis, Bob Adams, Harry Munroe, Rich Fingerland, Black Magic, Cheswick, Shawn, Shaggy Buddy Snap, Ghee Buttersnaps a.k.a. "The Heater", The Vault of Secrets, Clementine Woolysocks, Pinky Guscatero, Guts, Ol' Ironside, Old Iron Stomach, Bruce Lee, Jonathan Jacob Jingley-Smith, Santonio Holmes, Deon Richmond, Gurton Buster, Chaz Bono, Chocolate Einstein, MC ClapYoHandz, Sher-Black-Lock, Mrs. Whittlebury, G-Force, Roadrash, Mellowrush, Crankshaft, Sammy, Joey Bishop, Slick Fingers, Imhotep or "He Cometh In Peace," Control Alt Delete, Gootsy, The Guster, The Jackal, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Yasmine Bleeth, Killerbee, Lodge Blackman, Mission Figs, Sundown, The Black Goose, Original G-String a.k.a. Crowd Pleasah, Radio Star, Gus Jay Gupta, Don Cheadle, Jr., Chezwick, Watson Williams, Benedict Arnold Jackson, Engel Woods, Eddie Adams from Torrance, Brutal Hustler, Lumpkin (Name Never Completed), Felattio Del Torro, Tin T ...

Who is Bushwick Bill for $1000, Alex
2013-02-20 09:32:16 PM  

Soulcatcher: I was always partial to Karen's (from Will and Grace) alter ego Anastasia Von Beaverhausen.

I'm really surprised that they missed Rusty Shackleford, though. Dale used that name a lot.

Art Vanderlay wins it hands down.

They even had a fun episode where they met the REAL Rusty Shackleford
2013-02-20 09:32:32 PM  
List missing Dr. Jan Itor from Scrubs, Clive Bixby from Modern Family, and Agent Michael Scarn from The Office.
2013-02-20 10:07:23 PM  
Benny Russell?  Kay Eaton?  Albert Macklin?

/Not obscure for Fark, but just obscure enough that I imagine a few Google searches may occur.
2013-02-21 12:00:15 AM  

Dr Dreidel: Car_Ramrod: Black and Tan?

Y-you can't mean:
[ image 300x392]

// can you?

This made my day
2013-02-21 01:13:23 AM  

Onkel Buck: List fails without Grandmaster B

Is... Is he holding a dildo?
2013-02-21 07:36:06 AM  

Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: Onkel Buck: List fails without Grandmaster B

Is... Is he holding a dildo?

Its an old timey telephone with the cord. But I suppose you could insert into moist orifices if you wanted to. NTTIAWWT
2013-02-21 08:48:58 AM
List fails without Cletus Van Damme.
2013-02-21 09:47:42 AM  
Pogo the Clown?
2013-02-21 10:00:28 AM  

Dr Dreidel: Car_Ramrod: Black and Tan?

Y-you can't mean:
[ image 300x392]

// can you?

Say whaaaaat?
2013-02-21 10:18:33 AM  
My favourite part of the Merv Griffin Seinfeld episode is Newman acting as Kramer's Andy Richter (or Ed McMahon) Elaine (or Jerry) asks "What's he doing here?"

"Well he's here to take some of the pressure of me."
2013-02-21 06:53:57 PM  

BKITU: barefoot in the head: Bewitched - Samantha /Serena.

Technical note: Serena was an entirely separate character, not an alter-ego.

Tru dat.
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