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(Slate)   Stung: Citizen did you know the FBI has a clandestine cellphone tracking device known as the "Stingray", that's been deployed across the United States for almost two decades   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, FBI, United States, tracking system, cellphone tracking, stingray, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Southern District of Texas, Electronic Privacy  
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2013-02-19 01:34:34 PM  
3 votes:
As long as they get warrants they're all good. If they don't, good luck using that or any evidence derived from it in court.
2013-02-19 06:57:54 PM  
1 vote:

kim jong-un: Clemkadidlefark: True Story

Best friend's wife works for Lockheed Martin, at the missile factory. 1999, at her Department summer picnic, my pal is down by the lake when he notices a dragonfly following him. Doesn't think much about it, Until he walks back to the picnic and the dragonfly follows him. All day that dragonfly followed him. He mentioned it to spouse and she told him lay off the booze. But ten years later we start seeing these insect sized drone stories.

So, if that was 1999, what are they working on now?

True Story, I used to work at Lockheed Martin.  There are a lot of 'missile factories', no 'the missile factory.'

Also, in 1999 there is no way in hell a dragonfly sized drone could pack enough energy to stay aloft for an entire day.  If you could pack that much energy into something of that size, you could quit your job, fly your dragonfly around Elon Musk's head for an hour and convince him to give you $50 million dollars just to consult.

Waitaminute. Are you seriously suggesting that between "dragonfly drones with enough oomph to follow someone around all afternoon (a decade ago!)" and "dude got drunk and paranoid and started noticing that while he was at a lake, he didn't have to look long/far to find an identical dragonfly", "dude should lay off the hard stuff" is more likely? Please.
2013-02-19 05:37:30 PM  
1 vote:
There's a REDACTED near my house that is frequently REDACTED.  It's obvious when REDACTED is being REDACTED because my cell phone goes full strength for a while and then gets stuck in SOS mode until it's rebooted.
2013-02-19 04:34:13 PM  
1 vote:

I Like Shiny Things: roc6783: I Like Shiny Things: roc6783: grinding_journalist: ***snip***

Dammit. I swear I actually did consider saying corps instead of core but thought it would be too obscure and possibly take away from the real facts at hand - that you are a nancy.

Lesson learned.

/do I just say 'shakes tiny fist' or do I have to post one of those cool meme images.  Not sure of the proper etiquette here

You could post a cool meme image of a tiny fist.  That would do it.
2013-02-19 04:09:39 PM  
1 vote:

neversubmit: citizenj: neversubmit: citizenj: neversubmit: citizenj: Thus my nick.

Hey Josh, how's it going, you still play battlefield?

Nope. Too busy studying for EMC IE and ISMv2.

My brain is leaking luns...

No more DJ stuff? Anyway my point is that nicks don't provide the safety they once might have btw do you still have that phone number that ends with 2830?

That was you? My bad, I'm on a conf call for work. I'll get back to you.

DJ'ing 4/4 at Kasai if you wanna come out.

No, the nick comment was meant as an Orwellian/THX1138 joke.

Citizen J. Just claiming that one now before the gubmint assigns me a different one.

Sorry I didn't get the joke. That wasn't me on the phone a brief search of open dbs revealed your phone#, name, job, address, privacy is dead. Be safe everyone.

Ah, but you didn't find my topless sexy pics in all their awesomeness....

/i keed, i keed
//besides, ain't no one got time for that.
2013-02-19 03:37:49 PM  
1 vote:
I made a snarky post about the TSA and I got a txt from them saying "we'll steal your laptop for that, asshole! And speaking of your asshole, heh heh heh...."
2013-02-19 03:04:32 PM  
1 vote:

Cold_Sassy: olddinosaur: My "smart" phone cost me $9.88 at Wal-Mart and I paid in cash. The card was $22.04, so I was out the door for $30 and change.

These new phones have a 2--year contract at $1700 MINIMUM, and there are service charges on top of that.

They also want an automatic suction pump on your credit card, they get paid whether they deliver service or not.

Screw them.

i have prepaid and a got a double-minutes tracfone for 10.00 and 400 (800) minutes of time for 80.00 three years ago and haven't paid for a phone since then.  The 'smart' phone providers and their contracts are a major-league shakedown.

If you don't want to be tracked, take the battery out until you need it.

Taking the battery out won't help. You do know that the little accelerometers in smart phones keep them in a low-power "always on" mode, much in the way that self winding watches are powered by you moving around during the course of the day.
2013-02-19 02:53:09 PM  
1 vote:
Hurr Ron Paul or something...
2013-02-19 02:50:58 PM  
1 vote:

Cold_Sassy: If you don't want to be tracked, take the battery out until you need it.

Yeah....keep believing that. Have you looked closely at that collar on your dog? But I've said too much already.
2013-02-19 02:33:50 PM  
1 vote:
The government has been listening in on our telephone conversations, you say?  For decades, you say? Please hold the line wilst I adorn myself in my constipated fictional British detective attire.
2013-02-19 02:30:25 PM  
1 vote:

b2theory: As long as they get warrants they're all good. If they don't, good luck using that or any evidence derived from it in court.

You know how those fussy liberal judges in Law and Order toss out the warrant application because scruple, furrowing Jack McCoy's brow? Battlestar Galactica is more realistic.
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