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(Canoe)   PETA targets small children at "Nutcracker" performances by handing out ``Your Mommy Kills Animals'' fliers to youngsters whose mothers are wearing fur. Expect to see extra nuts cracked   ( ) divider line
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11289 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Dec 2003 at 1:29 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-17 02:21:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ha ha.
2003-12-17 02:22:16 PM  
My baby momma don't be wearin no fur coat.
2003-12-17 02:22:25 PM  
There is no good reason that people need to wear fur.
2003-12-17 02:22:31 PM  
I'm glad to know its ok to wear my leather knee boots since I eat delicious cow. If I start eating mink, will that make it ok to wear them? How do minks taste? Anyone?
2003-12-17 02:23:16 PM  
DogStalker: My child knows better than to think that meat and fur grow on trees. They go hunting with me. And I must say that I've never seen such a young child pierce a rabbit so cleanly with just a recurve bow!
2003-12-17 02:24:11 PM  


You made my day, thanks it was the funiest thing I have read all day... "facists"! (laughs some more)
2003-12-17 02:25:35 PM  
"Why fark fur-wearing biatches? Are you actually concerned that a poor animal died to make your coat? How about the poor soldiers that died because of an evil regime over in Iraq?"

Did the poor animal sign up to be made into a coat? Now if you replaced "poor soldiers" with "poor civilians", we'd be getting somewhere.
2003-12-17 02:25:43 PM  
So, on a side note, let me ask you, do you believe in animal testing for medicine?

Elmo -- for medicine, it's a neccessary evil...on the other hand, non medical testing, things like putting shampoo or cosmetics in a rabbits eyes, that's not neccessarry.
2003-12-17 02:25:49 PM  

How do minks taste?

A little like Koala with a slight hint of bald eagle. mmm mmm good.
2003-12-17 02:26:16 PM  
How many vegetables had to die for your stupid salad!!
2003-12-17 02:27:30 PM  
The definition of terrorism:

The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

If the shoe fits...
2003-12-17 02:27:31 PM  
with big brown baby seal eyes for headlights.. YEA!

2003-12-17 02:28:14 PM  
>I can't wait until a PETA protestor is killed by an animal. Got my Ironic Tag and headline all ready for that happy occasion.

Ever seen the video of that lady photographing the running of the bulls, who gets tossed like a rag doll around the alley? She was taking photos for a brochure whining about the whole deal. Heh-heh...
2003-12-17 02:28:25 PM  
All I can say is...

Mutant Blue Chinchillas

2003-12-17 02:29:15 PM  

Now THAT is the kind of attitude I can respect. People are always entitled to their own beliefs and choices, provided that those beliefs do not overtly harm another person...and that being concrete harm, not fuzzy psychological thought damage.

"The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Its been my experience that you can get far more converts to any cause by actively showing yourself to be a mature and responsible individual, then by trumpeting your supposed righteousness. Good luck to you friend, and happy holidays.
2003-12-17 02:29:22 PM  
If we weren't meant to eat meat, we wouldn't have teeth designed solely for the purpose of cutting meat, bacteria and other little friends in our stomache for the sole, singular purpose of breaking down animal proteins and the design of the ridges in our bowels that are there specifically to aid in the digestion of meat.
2003-12-17 02:29:36 PM  
Look at these idiots! Who in their right mind would take someone like this seriously???

[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-17 02:29:40 PM  
You made my day, thanks it was the funiest thing I have read all day... "facists"! (laughs some more)

What, is this your first time running into somebody that uses "fascist" as a generalized insult, like most people use "gay"--and neither knows how to spell it or what it means? Well, Welcome to the Intarweb!
2003-12-17 02:30:17 PM  
This is hysterical! My whole family and the in-laws are actually going to the Wang Center on 12/26 to see the Nutcracker! I just emailed both moms the article to wear their furs! I wanna crack some PETA nuts!
2003-12-17 02:32:07 PM  
sl55amg: That pic is begging for a photoshop contest!
2003-12-17 02:34:52 PM  
Denis Leary...we only want to save the cute animals.
"what are you?"
"I'm an otter."
"and what do you do?"
"I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands."
"you're free to go."
"what are you?"
"I'm a cow."
"get in the truck."
"but I'm an animal, I have rights!"
"you're a baseball glove, get in the truck!"
"here's your brother, get in the farking truck!"
2003-12-17 02:35:45 PM  
My mom just emailed me (I sent her the article) and she said, "I'm wearing my beaver coat then, not the mink one," to the Wang Center on the 26th. "I would love a lawsuit." Go mom!

/husband is a lawyer, sees $2.3 million in future
2003-12-17 02:36:20 PM  

Either that or throw snowballs. That'll piss them off..

I say throw meatballs.
2003-12-17 02:37:09 PM  
I love animals, they're delicious!
2003-12-17 02:38:36 PM  

That's a great point and a proven evolutionary fact.

I also enjoy cooking meat and parading the marinating, bloody meat in front of my friend's militant vegitarian boyfriend the last time he came over. He hasn't been back since, the filthy hippy.
2003-12-17 02:39:15 PM  
I'm wearing my beaver coat then, not the mink one," to the Wang Center on the 26th

Becuase beaver and wang go so well together?
2003-12-17 02:39:59 PM  
I love beaver fur.
2003-12-17 02:40:05 PM  
If you can't justify killing an animal for the fur on your coat, you shouldn't be wearing it. If the horrific practices involved in the diamond trade bother you, you shouldn't own one.

You are responsible for your own actions, and your purchasing and fashon choises are no exception. As the great Ted Nugent once said, "you need to move past the comfort of denial"
2003-12-17 02:40:31 PM  
So, can I look around for PETA members who have kids, and hand out my own fliers to them? "Do you know what Daddy and Mommy do when they're all alone? You won't want Mommy to kiss you when you find out where her mouth has been!"

But I doubt the people who came up with this have children. You can't traumatize children just because you disagree with their parents.
2003-12-17 02:41:11 PM  

IIRC, some protester at the running of the bulls in Spain was gored by one....good enough?

As for the leather being OK, Denis Leary said it best:

Hey, I love the animals too. I love my doggy. He's so cute. My fluffy little dog.. He's so cute- There's the problem. We only want to save the cute animals, don't we? Yeah. Why don't we just have animal auditions. Line 'em up one by one and interview them individually. "What are you?" "I'm an otter." "And what do you do?" "I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands." "You're free to go." "And what are you?" "I'm a cow." "Get in the farking truck, ok pal!" "But I'm an animal." "You're a baseball glove! Get on that truck!" "I'm an animal, I have rights!" "Yeah, here's yer farking cousin, get on the farking truck, pal!" We kill the cows to make jackets out of them and then we kill each other for the jackets we made out of the cows.
2003-12-17 02:42:28 PM  

People for the Ethical Treatment of My Foot Up Your Ass.
2003-12-17 02:42:58 PM  
god, this makes me wish i was a mommy with a furcoat and a kid i was taking to see the i could beat the everloving shiat out of some PETA motherfarker and stab them in the belly, then look into my horrified child's eyes and tell them "i also murder asshats".
2003-12-17 02:43:17 PM  
Any of you "killing animals for food/clothing" people live on a farm? Ever been to one when they harvest your corn or wheat? You know that red stuff on the tills, that's blood...Yup...Hundreds of little critters dieing for your soy.....shame on all of you.
2003-12-17 02:43:56 PM  

MG of and
2003-12-17 02:44:06 PM  
If we weren't meant to eat meat, we wouldn't have teeth designed solely for the purpose of cutting meat, bacteria and other little friends in our stomache for the sole, singular purpose of breaking down animal proteins and the design of the ridges in our bowels that are there specifically to aid in the digestion of meat.

MrNix -- I don't think anyones trying to say that we weren't meant to eat meat.
2003-12-17 02:45:27 PM  
Thanks PETA, once again you make animal activists look bad. Die PETA, die.
2003-12-17 02:45:37 PM  
I don't wear fur and don't think anyone should wear fur (unless they were born with it already on them), but this is a ridiculous thing to do to the children. Please, won't somebody think of the children?
2003-12-17 02:45:49 PM  
The problem with PETA, as with any politically extreme group is that they (forgive the pun) can't see the forest for the trees. They see their goal of animal rights and veganism, but they never think of the consequences of that "revolution".

For example, imagine if all the cattle/pork/poutry farms in the US were quickly converted to vegetable growing only. First off, the land that could easily support the grass the cows and others require may not be capable of growing the food required. Some soil is fine with growing grass, but it's just not good for growing corn.

Secondly, if all that land WAS converted, the massive regional irrigation in parts of the US would suddenly find itself victim to massive mudslides and other disasters, as erosion begins to take hold. This is where California would ACTUALLY fall off into the ocean...which would probably kill 80% of PETA's membership.

Thirdly, the demand for food would go up, sure, but the demand would also explode, as controls on how much farmers can grow will be lifted by the government. The rush of all these people jumping on the "rising stock" of vegan diet. Imagine the dot-com bubble and burst within a 6 month period, but in the agricultural business.

PETA doesn't also consider that when people go hunting in states like Georgia, the population of animals like deer would EXPLODE, and get to the point that it has in parts of North Georgia, where taxpayers are actually having to shell out cash to hire sharpshooters to kill off hundreds of deer, to prevent them from slowly starving to death because their large populations cannot be supported by the regional food supply. Because of restrictions on the sharpshooters, the deer are pretty much left to rot when killed. If PETA and others of their ilk had not stigmatized hunting, you'd end up with a better situation, with hunters who usually give portions of their meat to local charities to help feed the poor. Instead, PETA prefers the slow starving death of animals and humans alike.

fark PETA.
2003-12-17 02:46:49 PM  
Way back when my brother-in law was at the U of MD, PETA come to protest the Ag college. He and his friend got a loaf of bread, 3 pounds of RAW ground beef, and made rawburgers and ate them in front of the PETA people (of course, this was back when it was reasonably safe to eat raw meat). I can just imagine their expressions...
2003-12-17 02:46:50 PM  
Between this quote:
"...keep your doggie or kitty friends away from mommy - she's an animal killer."

and the horrible picture on the flyer; these people should be arrested and sued for traumatizing children. These people are disgusting and obviously care more about the treatment of a cow than they do a child.

BTW, thanks for the asute assessment of PETA Shemp Mo-Din. They are extremists and terrorists. They'd probably like to shoot hunters, but know they couldn't get away with it.

Just like the Sierra Club who didn't want to thin the trees in California (massive wild-fires), I'm sure they don't understand the neccesity of culling a herd so the deer don't starve to death due to unchecked population.

My cats and my human family eat meat. We are carnivores and omnivores for a reason. Vegan is a personal statement and should not be forced on anyone. It's sorta like forcing religion on someone.

2003-12-17 02:47:08 PM  
Here's to the top of the food chain, baby!

/toasts screen
2003-12-17 02:47:17 PM  

"that when people go hunting in states like Georgia, the population of animals like deer would EXPLODE" should be

"that when people don't go hunting in states like Georgia, the population of animals like deer EXPLODE"
2003-12-17 02:47:21 PM  

That's boarderline retarded. As a proud american redneck, I've spent time around corn farms and turkey processing plants. The effects to not compare.
2003-12-17 02:50:11 PM  

good point. i work in a grain terminal and its not uncommon to see dead mice (i mean lots an lots), squirrels, chipmunks, cats, birds, pretty much anything the size of a cat or smaller.
2003-12-17 02:51:29 PM  
I really hope they wind up handing a flier to a kid who hands it back, telling them to go fark themselves. Maybe something like, "I'll kill, eat or wear any animal I care to, including every animal you know, biatch." I would certainly hope my (theoretical, nonexistent) kid would do that.

Also, an angry mob of theatergoing parents could probably solve the situation pretty quickly...
2003-12-17 02:52:10 PM  
If I had a son and someone said that to his mom I'd give him this response to say:

"So what? I plan on killing kittens when I get a little older and you almost naked dressed as a tiger isn't helping"
2003-12-17 02:52:44 PM  
Question for PETA:

Do you think Humans should grant rights to animals that they don't get in nature, anyway?

In nature, you don't have the right to freedom from cruelty, because, if you watch Discovery Channel or any real nature show, NATURE IS A CRUEL ASS biatch. There's no right to life, because animals kill each other all the time. Sure, there's a right to liberty, but only within your territory, and that territory is subject to change without notice. Pursuit of happiness? In sense of happiness, your tail all day. But animals have no right to PROPERTY, so they can lick it.
2003-12-17 02:52:51 PM  
Oh god I walked right into that one, didn't I?

Beaver + Wang = tastes like chicken!
2003-12-17 02:55:23 PM  
Animals die for fashion. So does cotton. Just because its a plant doesn't mean it isn't alive. Same goes for vegetables.

What I find ironic is the damage this "no fur" campaign has done to people such as the eskimos living in the artic (Canada and Alaska). Since the bottom fell out of the fur trade (thanks to protestors) a good chunk of their jobs and revenue disappeared. Its no mistake that they've seen a surge in mineral and ore related fields up there. They needed a they invited companies in to help exploit the resources. I hear there is a booming diamond and mineral industry up there now. Of course, people are protesting that too. But hey...why think about the people that may be involved when we can save some cute animals (like anyone gives a damn about the ugly ones).
2003-12-17 02:57:44 PM  
Some men hunt for sport,
Others hunt for food,
The only thing I'm hunting for,
Is an outfit that looks good...

See my vest, see my vest,
Made from real gorilla chest,
Feel this sweater, there's no better,
Than authentic Irish setter.

See this hat, 'twas my cat,
My evening wear - vampire bat,
These white slippers are albino
African endangered rhino.

/only noticed one other Simpson's reference
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