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4433 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2013 at 12:00 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-02-20 02:48:53 AM  
O King
i956.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-02-20 09:11:30 PM  
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2013-02-21 12:06:29 PM  
2013-02-21 12:09:49 PM  
"I said I wanted BIGGER grapes!!"
//this time with voting goodness
2013-02-21 12:11:38 PM  
(also forgot to tick the voting box)

Nick Nolte's FunTime Adventure Attraction was hurriedly shuttered later that evening.
2013-02-21 12:19:14 PM  
King of the Fruit of the Loom rides at the front of his victory parade. "Today, the Wedgies have been vanquished!" he declared officially ending his regime's decades long conflict with the People of the Wedge.

Although technically at war with the Wedgies for many years, the Kingdom of the Fruit of the Loom enjoyed prosperity and economic growth. The King, T-Bag the First united his kingdom after the Boxer Rebellion in the year ought diggity.

The parade wound through the capital city of Crouch as citizens celebrated the end of hostilities. Though the day was jubilant, the King warned later that "As long as there are humid days at the bus stop and fat women wearing thongs, the Wedgies will have the opportunity to strike at us again. "Only peace through eternal vigilance and the occasion 'pluck-justment' can we remain free"
2013-02-21 12:19:20 PM  

thesockninja: (also forgot to tick the voting box)

2013-02-21 12:23:39 PM  
Cardinals are delighted by Pope contender, Xeno Giuliani's move to change the church motto to "be fruitful and multiply" with an official papal orgy parade float to travel across Europe from convent to monastery year round.
2013-02-21 12:24:07 PM  
2013-02-21 12:24:35 PM  
"Six more miles?? There's no where TO PEE ON THIS THING!"
2013-02-21 12:25:44 PM  
" Goeffry! I've grown tired of cranking my shaft this graphite based lubricant. Bring me the chocolate!!"
2013-02-21 12:26:12 PM  
You gonna get graped
2013-02-21 12:33:18 PM  
It's mine. All mine!
2013-02-21 12:55:35 PM  
Jerry Sandusky had a very nice Mardi Gras before the truth came out.
2013-02-21 12:57:24 PM  
It's good to be the king!
2013-02-21 01:03:18 PM  
with voting now.

"For a buck I'll nail ya."
2013-02-21 01:03:27 PM  
OW my balls
2013-02-21 01:05:36 PM  
I'm Pope, bi-atch!
2013-02-21 01:07:05 PM  
2013-02-21 01:08:54 PM  
"I played a Cajun on M*A*S*H for a while!   THAT'S what I'm doing up here!!"
2013-02-21 01:15:57 PM  
2013-02-21 01:17:40 PM  
I regret nothing!.
2013-02-21 01:34:19 PM  

farm9.staticflickr.comView Full Size
2013-02-21 01:43:31 PM  
WHAT??? This is not a fruit of the loom commercial??? THOSE BASTARDS LIED TO ME...
2013-02-21 01:58:31 PM  
i said "I'm rich, biatch!"
2013-02-21 02:15:21 PM  
"I think I'm gonna hurl!"
2013-02-21 02:23:30 PM  
2013-02-21 02:35:15 PM  
2013-02-21 02:40:45 PM  
"Pope is coming out!"
2013-02-21 02:44:55 PM  
" I'm on a float!"
2013-02-21 06:54:51 PM  
Robert's mom always said that if he made that face, it would stay that way; she never told him that his disfigurement would someday make him King.
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