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(Venture Beat)   Cool: New tactical game being released. Awesome: developed by Call of Duty creative strategist. Bring me a change of pants: game is coming directly to mobile devices   ( divider line
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2013-02-18 10:42:45 AM  
Overwatch.  Overwatch. Overwatch. Overwatch. Overwatch....
2013-02-18 11:14:21 AM  
I'd be all for a nicely done tactical turn based game sort of like XCOM. My hopes for it actually happening are very low, however.
2013-02-18 11:19:50 AM  

Kimpak: way south: Kimpak: MEH!

I guess its a sign of me getting old, but I'm tired of smart phone games.  I like a good time-waster as much as anyone but we've moved on now to people anticipating a shiatty cell phone game just like us old schoolers anticipated the next Final Fantasy (or whatever). I weep for our youth, who will squee every time a new angry birds comes out.

/off my lawn!

I think the difference is which demographic is doing the squeeing.

In our day we were the hard core pc gamers, console nerds, and authentic geek dom that cheered on RPGs and such. The segment begging for angry birds updates is the one that used to play bejeweled and deer hunter.

The tragedy is that games like cod and FF that used to be targeted for geeks are now being tuned to cash in on the non geek market... Who could care less about the history.
Dare a modern rpg not be a linear "click the goddamned arrow you moron!" Adventure, it never sells enough to compete with simpler titles.

I can't agree more.  Even the titles I onced craved are turning to mush.  Zelda for instance, the designers go to all the trouble of making interesting puzzles, but then undo it all by inserting some 'Navi' like character that blatantly tells you how to get past the puzzle you're on.  I wish I could turn that feature off and struggle through the puzzles on my own brain power.

The ds zeldas didn't have the navi. I repeat it over again: getting the impression of a seal was an exercise that made me feel like king haggard the first time he saw a unicorn: the earth was made new and it was like the first time I ever solved a trial and error puzzle from an interface that said "screw you." I was transported to games like Castlevania 2, where the only thing to do to progress is to equip useless items and stand at certain dead ends. Or the final boss of strider for the nes, who kills you because he is too fast and damaging to beat, unless you stand still and charge your laser sword, whereupon for no reason he stands still for his execution.
2013-02-18 12:12:22 PM  
Is my sarcasm detector on the fritz or are you serious, subby?
2013-02-18 01:11:55 PM  

SuperChuck: I'd be all for a nicely done tactical turn based game sort of like XCOM. My hopes for it actually happening are very low, however.

There's actually some turn based tactical games on mobile that aren't too bad right now(Rad Soldiers and Frontline Tactics come to mind). Granted they aren't as in-depth as X-Com(they're primarily multiplayer focused), and I honestly think a game like X-Com would be right at home on a mobile device. When I started playing Enemy Unknown the first thing that jumped into my head was "why don't they have a tablet version of this? Touch screen controls would be the shiat for this game!"

Here's hoping this new one pulls it off, but considering the pedigree of the dev(CoD.. yawn) I'm not holding my breath. It will probably be all flash and no depth.
2013-02-18 01:13:04 PM  
Cool: New tactical game being released. Awesome: developed by Call of Duty creative strategist. Bring me a change of pants: Fark: game is coming directly to mobile devices

That is how is goes subby, come on!
Xai [TotalFark]
2013-02-18 01:13:59 PM  
call of duty has a 'creative stratagist'?

He must have sat down when writing black ops and gone 'the player is too stupid, let's force them to do do what we planned
2013-02-18 01:54:38 PM  

cretinbob: Because nothing says awesome gaming like 320x240 graphics.....

My Nexus 4 does 1280x768.  I think it's time for you to upgrade.
2013-02-18 02:49:58 PM  
ouyadb.comView Full Size

Proof that COD alumni can put together good things.

/browser and mobile games are the future
//touch screen ain't usually that bad once you get used to it, though sometimes slight modifications to the controls help
///can get bluetooth controllers if you hare having that much difficulty adjusting
2013-02-18 03:06:29 PM  
I was with you until "mobile devices". Stupid...
2013-02-18 07:47:12 PM  
red5ish: I have that trackball! (and used it to select your name)/still only use 1 monitor for development... and it's the builtin laptop monitor.//Yes, I use a trackball with a laptop. X11 middle button paste!
2013-02-18 11:41:47 PM  
Another mass-shooting training app? Excellent.
2013-02-19 12:14:04 AM  

red5ish: [ image 798x450]
[ image 798x450]

I like the widescreen eyefinity myself.  If you're just standing them up on end you could get close to the same resolution with one dual driven monitor.
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