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(   Some lottery winners wisely invest the money from their jackpot. Others accidentally blow up their home after going on a meth-and-marijuana binge. "The victim was wearing a lottery T-shirt during the explosion"   ( divider line
    More: Fail, mess, West Street, St. Francis, Wichita Police Department, marijuana, explosions  
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2013-02-17 02:26:45 PM  

Hrist: Forbidden Doughnut: LiquidTester: He only won $75k.  It's OK to blow $10k or so of that on something wasteful.  Seriously, if you live in the US, $75k is not going to be life changing, best case an extra $1k/month for 6 years, letting you move into a bigger trailer and buy better weed, but you won't be drinking crystal and driving a ferrari.

One "could" use that $75K to go to school and learn a useful trade, but I'm fairly sure THAT idea never entered that man's head....

/ with a higher income, he could thus move into a bigger trailer and buy better weed...( if he so chooses)

I disagree.  $75 is enough to get out of debt for most people (even some houses).  And being debt free can make life a HELL of a lot less stressful and more fun.

I meant $75k.  Oops.
2013-02-17 02:29:15 PM  

If I won the Powerball? I won't go into details, but it involves, a plane ride to Nevada, a limo, a Sultan's turban, and a lifetime pass at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch.
2013-02-17 03:47:14 PM  
Some lottery winners wisely invest the money from their jackpot.

[citation needed]
2013-02-17 03:53:19 PM  
I don't buy their story.  I fill butane lighters regularly, even a grill torch set that takes almost a can and a half of gas.  To release enough butane vapor into the kitchen for a pilot light to ignite it  you'd have to empty at least 3 if not 4 cans of butane.  If they've done that they're not filling a couple lighters, they're making butane hash oil; which would be awesome if they'd done it outside.
2013-02-17 05:01:34 PM
2013-02-17 07:47:37 PM  
That isn't fail, that is succeeding in the other direction.
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