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(KSAT San Antonio)   Four years. 90 expeditions. Six countries. Seven states. Bigfoot is finally found and killed. At a Home Depot   (ksat.com) divider line 76
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2013-02-16 09:07:10 AM

MrTorso: So he goes to San Antonio the first time and actually sees a Bigfoot..... Then he takes three years to come back??

It's completely understandable. Believe me, I've been to San Antonio. I'd like to wait a lot more than three years before going back.
2013-02-16 09:13:43 AM

bearded clamorer: What a Bigfoot outside of a Home Depot might look like

Ok. This is funny and I'm going to hell for thinking so.
2013-02-16 09:22:35 AM

Void_Beavis: bearded clamorer: What a Bigfoot outside of a Home Depot might look like

Ok. This is funny and I'm going to hell for thinking so.

My bff who is mexican laughed at that pic so it is OK to laugh.
2013-02-16 09:28:51 AM
No true, I'm still alive.
2013-02-16 09:29:57 AM

Oldiron_79: Void_Beavis: bearded clamorer: What a Bigfoot outside of a Home Depot might look like

Ok. This is funny and I'm going to hell for thinking so.

My bff who is mexican laughed at that pic so it is OK to laugh.

Is Home Depot like the Mexican n-word?
2013-02-16 09:43:03 AM
I KNEW that I'd heard that name before.  How disappointing of the article's writer to not do enough research to turn up a former hoax by this same con artist.
2013-02-16 09:49:05 AM
Huh, our office has a bigfoot. We call him that or Yukon Cornelius. When goes north to his cabin there's always BigFoot sightings in the UP. When he goes grey he's gonna be a dead ringer for Santa.
2013-02-16 09:49:50 AM
What I took from this is that he was luring homeless people with pork ribs tied to a tree.
The rest of it was just blah blah blah I'm a pathological liar.
2013-02-16 09:56:20 AM
Nutbirds combing the woods with the plan/intent of shooting any big, hairy thingie they think they see.
LAPD is in training.
2013-02-16 09:59:05 AM

Oldiron_79: I go herping (catching reptiles and amphibians for you mouth breathers) with a primatologist all the time in an area remote enough for animals the size of alleged squatch and in the squatch's alleged prefered biome (temperate decidous rain forest) and we have never seen squatch or sign. We see plenty of animals and sign from every KNOWN spiecies, including rare endangered ones, but no squatch.

So herping but no derping?
2013-02-16 10:06:14 AM
I read that headline in the voice of Phil Keoghan.
2013-02-16 10:21:59 AM
Didn't the last one of these "bigfoot in the freezer"s turn out to be an ape suit with some deer guts sprinkled on it?
2013-02-16 10:23:09 AM
Because it would really suck to have this guy as a dad, I'll just leave this here...
2013-02-16 10:31:20 AM
A picture of Bigfoot and the researcher shortly before the shooting:
2013-02-16 11:27:19 AM
 Oh so this is the same guy who "found" bigfoot before. Doesn't he realize that irl trolling has a shorter life span than internet  trolling, you get one maybe two goes before people catch on. And media involvment incures and automatic -1 penalty.
But really, if such a critter exsisted it would have been caught on game cameras (hunting and sci research) many times already to such a degree and range that everyone would have to stop and take notice. Such a thang ain't happened yet and the technlogy has been around long enough.

2013-02-16 11:32:24 AM

Begoggle: So this dude is running around with a gun shooting at things that move.

FTA: ... testing to prove that this is an unknown creature and not a man in a suit

Well, at least they are finally testing to see if they shot someone in a bigfoot suit.

That's probably not going to be the documentary they were hoping for.
2013-02-16 11:47:52 AM
There's no way this is anything other than some kind of elaborate social experiment:

"I got caught lying about this same thing before.  There's no way people are gullible enough to believe the EXACT SAME LIE from the same source a second time, is there?"

/cue a newsmedia run by TV producers, rather than journalists
//cue a public whose desire to believe in the extraordinary overrides their intelligence
2013-02-16 11:53:19 AM
So this guy shot and killed a large man-shaped hairy "animal"... I bet it turns out to be some homeless crazy dude with that disease that makes you grow hair everywhere.
2013-02-16 12:01:24 PM

parkerlewis: Home Depot???  I thought for sure Bigfoot was a Lowes kind of beast.

You're thinking of the Western Loweland Gorilla.
2013-02-16 12:08:56 PM
Of course he's hiding the body in an "undisclosed location".  You would too if you just shot a hairy homeless man and needed to cover up the murder.
2013-02-16 12:37:01 PM
They've just released another photograph.

2013-02-16 05:45:19 PM
Rick Dyer is an animated character

2013-02-16 08:27:25 PM
So now local news channels have deemed the schizotypical rantings of pathological liars living in homeless tent colonies on the outskirts of the metro area to be newsworthy?  Wait till they blow the lid off the "mindcontrol via chemtrails" conspiracy the government's been covering up.
2013-02-16 08:30:44 PM
Oh, and this.

2013-02-16 09:25:02 PM
I wear a size 11 sneaker, so I'm getting a kick.
2013-02-17 03:46:18 PM
In fact, he said he's "the most hated person in Bigfoot today."

That hatred stems from his involvement in a 2008 Bigfoot hoax.

Dyer and others claimed they had a body back then and even held a huge news conference but it all turned out to be a big lie.

So he's been caught in a hoax before, and he won't show the body, but hey, we should trust him, he wouldn't lie about it again!
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