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(Marketwatch)   Campbell's Soup profits condensed by 7.3%   ( divider line
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333 clicks; posted to Business » on 15 Feb 2013 at 1:04 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-02-15 12:50:11 PM  
Would you say they got creamed?
2013-02-15 01:00:59 PM  
Looks like they will be ladling out fewer dividends for sure.
2013-02-15 01:27:07 PM  

The Stealth Hippopotamus: Would you say they got creamed?

Now, now, let's not rub any salt in the wound.
2013-02-15 01:33:10 PM  
Mmm mmm bad.
2013-02-15 01:56:01 PM  
Mmm mmm MSG
2013-02-15 02:00:30 PM  
Use stock instead of water before serving, makes all the difference.
2013-02-15 02:06:59 PM  
Its to expensive for what it is.  I look at condensed soup prices and go buy something else.
2013-02-15 02:18:37 PM  

Revek: Its to expensive for what it is.  I look at condensed soup prices and go buy something else.

And there's the answer.  As Consumerist calls it, the "Grocery Shrink Ray".  Except it's not all about shaving an ounce off a container without making it look smaller, while charging 5% more for less food.

Big Grocery also substitutes ever-weirder and ever-unhealthier ingredients for actual food like "fruit", "vegetables", "sugar" and "starch".  Pretty soon there will only be one shelf at the supermarket, and it will only contain 4.78 oz. cans of "Electrolytically Modified Nutrient Emulsion:  Vegetable Flavor", with water and corn syrup the top two ingredients, a serving size of 0.4 oz, 2,000 calories per serving, 4 days worth of sodium, and the can priced at $99.99 on clearance (minimum 10 per customer to get the sale price, must have coupon, offer void where prohibited, etc...)

And they wonder why their profits are slipping.  As long as we still have a choice, people are not quite as blind to grocery robbery as they might seem...
2013-02-15 02:55:45 PM  
...and 260 workers in Mexico got canned.
2013-02-15 06:35:21 PM  
   Was worried this would happen when I had to give up canned soup because of the salt content

*SOB* It's all my fault
2013-02-15 10:25:26 PM  

Revek: Its to expensive for what it is.  I look at condensed soup prices and go buy something else.

Bingo. On a recent chilly day I thought the old bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches would be nice for dinner. Standard size can of Campbell's Tomato Soup at the supermarket was 3 for $5.00. Could not believe my eyes. What will it cost 5 years from now, $15.00 a can? A dollar is worth 10 cents in America these days (IMHO). Thank God the rich and powerful politicians families will be able to afford groceries.
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