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(The New York Times)   Looks like we know what the Pope is giving up for lent   ( ) divider line
    More: Interesting, John Paul II, Federico Lombardi, Saint Peter, pope, lectern  
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2013-02-11 11:46:28 AM  
Nothing quite like ex-Benedict for breakfast, after all.
2013-02-11 12:06:28 PM  
I'd tell another joke, but that would be breaking a Cardinal rule.
2013-02-11 01:24:43 PM  
How could he leave all that behind?
2013-02-11 01:29:37 PM  
The Pope is getting Truculent.
2013-02-11 01:29:49 PM  
Huh. If only there were some deity that could give him the strength to carry on.
2013-02-11 01:30:02 PM  
awe... and here i was thinking he was giving up little boys for lent
2013-02-11 01:31:36 PM  

mountebank_t_cad: Nothing quite like ex-Benedict for breakfast, after all.

Oh look, a redditor.

Okay, to be fair, it's been enough hours that someone else could independently come up with the joke.  On the other hand, the news is still top page on reddit and that joke is at top karma for the page at just shy of 6000 upvotes.

/....was a pretty good joke, though.
2013-02-11 01:31:37 PM  
2013-02-11 01:31:49 PM  

suthrnrunt: awe... and here i was thinking he was giving up little boys for lent

Only on Fridays.
2013-02-11 01:31:49 PM  
2013-02-11 01:31:53 PM  
Why is this thread different from the one with 700 views on the main page?  I mean, besides the lack of views.
2013-02-11 01:32:18 PM  
The way the jokers over on Reddit are reacting, you'd think the Pope said that the Catholic Church was closing.
2013-02-11 01:32:21 PM  
Didn't they make the last guy just sit there until he was a literal mess of a human being?  Tough it out, Pope Palpatine.
2013-02-11 01:33:04 PM  
Dibs on the hat!
2013-02-11 01:33:18 PM  
Is this the headline for those of us who overslept and missed the newsflash?
2013-02-11 01:33:20 PM  
So the Pope isn't so infallible after all.
2013-02-11 01:33:53 PM  

suthrnrunt: awe... and here i was thinking he was giving up little boys for lent

Nope, he is quitting because he wants to spend more time with his grandchildren.
2013-02-11 01:34:01 PM  
He wanted to get on Medicare before Obamacare took over.
2013-02-11 01:34:08 PM  
So he's quitting again. That's twice in one day.
2013-02-11 01:34:53 PM  
2013-02-11 01:35:39 PM  
Favorite joke about this:

"Alabama beat Notre Dame so bad, the Pope quit."

I'd like to take credit for it, but I'm just not that damned funny.
2013-02-11 01:36:41 PM  
Guess he's tired of the "Nazi Youth" jokes.
2013-02-11 02:15:21 PM  
So what do I find when I finally open my eyes this morning?The end of the world.Yep,you read it here first(unless it has been mentioned in the earlier thread).According to the Prophecy of the Popes by Malachy the next Pope will be Peter the Roman,last Pope during the tribulations and the desrtuction of Rome.Enjoy.
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