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(US News)   [FAIL] or [IRONIC] ? You decide: Five dead in cruise ship lifeboat drill   ( divider line
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2013-02-10 08:20:57 PM  
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ThatGuyFromTheInternet: [ image 620x388]

Was this guy in charge? DNRTFA

No, if it was he woulda been the first one in the lifeboat.
2013-02-11 05:13:11 AM  
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Pert: g4lt: Now correct me if I'm wrong (my only experience with abandon ship procedures was when they taught us how to jump off the side with a CO2 and not break your neck in the process, our lifeboats were those crappy barrels that had an inflatable in them), but aren't lifeboats supposed to be designed to survive with their human cargo intact when dropped from the davit?  Because, you know, if the ship is sinking anyways, you know everything on that ship is on Murphy's radar, so while it'd be NICE to gently deposit the lifeboat in the ocean, chances are damn near certain that at least ONE lifeboat's going to fall from deck height, and it'd be nice if the passengers on it didn't go all squashy (like these did)

Did you see the pic of the rope? How about one end of the boat drops first, depositing crew into the sea, neatly followed by the boat itself?

And this wouldn't conceivably happen when you needed the lifeboat, like in a ship fire that jammed one of the winches?  The trick here is to not add to the casualty list.  You can pull excuses out of whatever nether region you want to, it still won't change the fact that people died because of horribly crappy engineering that completely ignored WHY YOU NEED THE DAMN THING IN THE FIRST PLACE, because when things are going to hades in a handbasket, you don't want even more crap that can fail.  Nor will it change the fact that if the lifeboat had to perform as expected, a single rope failing is not only not surprising, it's damn well should be expected that one or more boats will have problems like this, so you either don't lower boats with people in them (the US Navy way), or you rig the boat lowering mechanism  such that you don't lose the poor suckers in the boat when the mechanism fails.
2013-02-10 05:13:34 PM  
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That's why you put the women and children in the lifeboats first - to test the safety cables.
2013-02-10 05:03:44 PM  
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The dead crewmen included three Indonesians, a Filipino and a Ghanian, authorities said. The three injured crew members were taken by ambulance to a hospital in La Palma and the nationality of only one of them was immediately known: Greek.

Why is this paragraph in there?  They make it sound as if paramount importance we know the nationality of everyone, and the horror of what nationalities might have traveled with the "Greek" in the ambulance.
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