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(Denver Channel)   Super hot Spanish teacher has baby wi- look, we just need a teacher tag already   ( divider line
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2013-02-09 09:40:05 AM  
4 votes:
"...A longtime Greeley Spanish teacher ..."

I know Castillian Spanish and Catalan Spanish... What's Greeley Spanish?
2013-02-09 10:14:47 AM  
3 votes:
Como es babby formadas?
2013-02-09 09:24:07 AM  
3 votes:
*clicks link*
2013-02-09 11:41:34 AM  
2 votes:
Why is the state rewarding her for farking one of her underage students?  It seems to me that making this woman stay in Greeley, CO would be a far better punishment than taking her to jail.
2013-02-09 09:43:26 AM  
2 votes:
Picture reminded me of this:
2013-02-09 11:20:41 AM  
1 vote:
Really, Fark?

/standards are slipping like a dick stuck in crazy.
2013-02-09 10:42:29 AM  
1 vote:

casual disregard: Can somebody please explain in simple terms the difference between a 17-year old child and an 18-year old man without mentioning selective service registration?

Or 18 and 19?  The thing is, there isn't much difference in one year, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  Most people, at 44, if they are dating a teenager, are in it because they want a toy, not a real relationship.  There are two social pressures against this- the first is just social disapproval, being called a cradle robber and a creep.  The second is the law.  If someone isn't even able to restrain themselves when the law is involved, they have some serious boundary issues.  The law has to pick a clear number.  That doesn't mean it's not creepy when a 44 year old teacher has sex with a 19 year old college freshmen, just that we've decided that it's not so creepy that we need to arrest them (although firing is still an option, particularly if the teacher was in  a position of power over the student.

And in this case-

"Prosecutors said Eisenberg was a teacher at Northridge High School at the time, and the student was living under her care." 

She's got even worse boundary issues.  She used her position of authority, not just as a teacher, but as a parental figure.

Also, at 18, a lot of kids move out of the house.  They grow up a lot by living alone.  They start having real relationships.  Still, for just the creepy, probably not a balanced relationship issue, the half your age +7 rule is a pretty good rule of thumb.  We all like to think we are still young and hip, but if you turn that number around it creates some pretty creepy results.  Subtract 7 from your age and double it.
2013-02-09 10:37:21 AM  
1 vote:

Smashed Hat: I'd hit it, but my standards are pretty low.

/The lady has a touch of the crazy eyes

A "touch"? Looks full blown nuts to me. Pun intended.
2013-02-09 10:00:24 AM  
1 vote:

Kurmudgeon: LoneWolf343: Because women are oh-so-vulnerable and must be protected from the penis before they are 18.

More so because young women are so much more fertile and yet unready to raise children.
Let them have a few years of maturiy before they all get turned into baby factories.
/and that doesn't even cover half of the problems that can come along with relationships with the immature.

Hey, that sweet 16 girl's legs ARE gonna be spread, she IS going to get pregnant. this WILL happen. Now, who would you rather be the father, some pimply, stupid, immature 17 year old boy who will freak out and abandon her as soon as the kid is spit out, or some mature, 45 year old man who already owns his own house, his own car and has a steady well paying job?

Let's mix it up, let the cougers have the stupid pimply teen boys, and the older men get to have the young, fresh and still disease free teen girls. :P
2013-02-09 09:40:17 AM  
1 vote:
90 days in jail and probation

Exact same punishment a man would have received!
2013-02-09 09:30:16 AM  
1 vote:
Seriously, where were all these moderately hot teachers willing to bang students when I was in high school? I would have given them the best 12 seconds of their life!
2013-02-09 09:27:11 AM  
1 vote:

I'll not engage in the debate as we all know the truth of the hotness factor here... but I will assure male farkers that, you can/do reach a point later in life wherein the poonie simply does not command the same response/effect that it's always played in our male lives.

Sure, it's great to get laid, do this do that - I'm still a huge fan, but once that trouser snake is demoted and his voice is reduced to a mere murmur, your life will become so much more peaceful. You simply reach a point where getting stinky on your hang-down simply isn't worth the effort/trouble/worry/money/hassle/etc. - and it's simply much easier to rub one out, order a pizza and watch a good movie - all without having to placate some gash and related opinions/preferences.

It's all so clear to me now. Wherever you are in life, my best to you and yours.

/old farker
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