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(Uproxx)   In anticipation of The Walking Dead's Sunday night return, here are some awesome before and after pictures of some Walkers... holy shiat, is that Hines Ward?   ( divider line
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2013-02-09 02:02:40 PM
2013-02-09 02:30:00 PM  

TiiiMMMaHHH: NeoCortex42: semiotix: NeoCortex42: T-Dog had a character arc?  Must have missed that.

A black guy who made it into three consecutive seasons of a zombie show?! My god, just watching him stand around in the background not being dead was the most gripping television since the moon landing. Every moment a horde of zombies didn't fall out of the sky directly onto his head was a little miracle.

He even had a couple lines of dialogue.

[ image 500x329]
2013-02-09 03:36:15 PM  
A bit outdated now, but
2013-02-09 09:30:57 PM  
B.L.Z. Bub:

I take it then you are the only director not listed with the note "(wrap around segments)"?

Yep. It's a much different film now. Some people like my original, some people like the new one.  It's the way it goes. I'm doing documentary work now. Still hope it goes off to do well of course, but sure as hell learned a lot about the "biz" in the process...


I know, right? it's got five million directors listed. Nah, not really.  Is this out on Netflix/Redbox yet?

You're telling me :) It was quite interesting to hear it explained to me when the film was purchased. Out of my hands though, the way it goes I guess.

They're working on selling it for distribution now. It'll end up on Netflix I'm sure at the very least.
2013-02-10 04:47:22 AM  

MagSeven: TiiiMMMaHHH: My wife ruined zombies in general for me.  She did it in one question:

"People release their bowels and whatnot when they die.  How come the walkers aren't carrying their last meals in their pants?  Wouldn't you be able to smell them coming?"

Expecting realism in the zombie genre is foolish, I know.  But isn't that the point of zombies?  They're supposed to represent a formidable, frightening obstacle to survival.  Now the WD crew just hack their way through hordes like their John Rambo.  This show is too hollywood for me.  If they don't get back to, and introduce more detail to, the origin of the 'disease' and make it a more threatening scenario, than they've just mistreated the genre like basically everyone before them.

/still waiting on the intelligent zombie leader to emerge.. that'd be sweet..  Maybe it'll be Shane?

1. They do smell them sometimes, but I assume that only the fresh ones really stink. The ones that have been shambling around for a while probably air out reasonably.

2. I don't think we've seen a pants-less zombie on the show yet. Their pants could very well be full of shiat. It also probably ran down their legs and onto the ground as they wander about.

3. I can't believe I put this much thought into this.

People and animals generally only shiat or piss themselves at the moment of death if they needed to shiat or piss right before they died.  None of the human or animal corpses I've seen, or animals i've held as they died, did either.  So far I'm at three with the recently deceased humans and nearing twenty with the animals.
2013-02-10 09:51:33 AM  

T.rex: Call me crazy, but all the zombies from that show simply look like battered-up, rotting alive people... They don't look like re-animated dead things.

That may be because they don't actually reanimate corpses, they use live actors made up to look like zombies.

/it's only a tv show
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