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(Some Guy)   Worst. Alias. Ever   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Missouri, Illinois, homicides  
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21441 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Feb 2013 at 6:14 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-02-08 09:34:25 PM  
Worst Alias? The one with the miniature attack helicopter. Next question.
2013-02-08 10:01:02 PM
2013-02-08 10:03:27 PM
2013-02-08 10:58:36 PM
"You got jacked by a guy named Spooge?"
2013-02-08 11:14:15 PM  

billybobtoo: Fav song from musical "Gypsy"...

I have a moo cow
a new cow,
A true cow
named Caroline...

I was thinking Edmund Vance Cooke:

My papa held me up to the Moo Cow Moo
So close I could almost touch,
And I fed him a couple of times or so,
And I wasn't a fraidy-cat, much.

But if my papa goes in the house,
And my mamma she goes in too,
I keep still like a little mouse
For the Moo Cow Moo might Moo.

The Moo Cow's tail is a piece of rope
All ravelled out where it grows;
And it's just like feeling a piece of soap
All over the Moo Cow's nose.

And the Moo Cow Moo has lots of fun
Just switching his tail about,
But if he opens his mouth, why then I run,
For that's where the Moo comes out.

The Moo Cow Moo has deers on his head,
And his eyes stick out of their place,
And the nose of the Moo Cow Moo is spread
All over the Moo Cow's face.

And his feet are nothing but fingernails,
And his mamma don't keep them cut,
And he gives folks milk in water pails,
When he don't keep his handles shut.

But if you or I pull his handles, why
The Moo Cow Moo says it hurts,
But the hired man sits down close by
And squirts, and squirts, and squirts.
2013-02-08 11:42:38 PM
2013-02-09 12:05:02 AM  
You people are unfamiliar with hashers and their nick names
2013-02-09 12:13:06 AM  
The best alias ever?

2013-02-09 12:19:53 AM  
I grew up with a guy that everybody called "Toilet".

Later in life, I knew a musician-kinda guy who went by "Monkeywrench Buttfinger".
2013-02-09 12:47:41 AM

R.I.P. Mancow

2013-02-09 02:12:04 AM  
Police have warned citizens that if they see Moo Cow not to approach him, and please do not tip him.
2013-02-09 06:23:01 AM  
"You are Michael Norman Smith, alias Michael Norman Smith."
"I am"
"Why is your alias the same as your real name?"
"Well I used to go by the name 'Henry Alias' but I thought that would bring me into the watchful eyes of the law"
2013-02-09 10:00:52 AM
jealous of his cool name
2013-02-09 01:05:33 PM  

Fark Rye For Many Whores: [ image 500x373]

2013-02-09 04:02:43 PM
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