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(Huffington Post)   Want to hook up with a co-worker, but not sure which profession has the best odds for workplace romance? Well, there's a reason there's a PSA tag next to this headline   ( divider line
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2013-02-08 02:25:46 PM  
As someone who works in an art museum, I can tell you there have been many successful and not as successful hookups and relationships with coworkers.
2013-02-08 02:28:26 PM  

Snarfangel: EvilEgg: 95629: I don't see pilots/flight attendants on here.  It'd be more like "how many have not?"

As an airline pilot myself, I can't even really think of anyone I know who hasn't.

I didn't think about it, but it makes sense.  One night in a foreign city with not much else to do.

Except in Bangkok. Then the world's your oyster.

Thanks for the earworm, a$$hole.
2013-02-08 02:37:52 PM  
The only time I've ever seen my profession in one of these types of lists and it's for interoffice hookups... we're number 5!!!

Most of the field is in it's 50's/60's and then 20's/30's.   You find very few in-between.   And the women in the field....ugh, they're highly professional and excellent to work with, but you wouldn't find me wanting to hook up with any of them.
2013-02-08 03:00:13 PM  

cgraves67: I'm surprised there's not more management jobs there. Traditionally, being the boss has perks.

Also, welders? Really?


/lady welder.
//Piledrivers Local 34, Oakland Ca
2013-02-08 03:05:15 PM  
EvilEggI'm surprised they singled out the cooks from the waitstaff, the dishwashers, the busboys, and the management

I assumed that's what they meant by "Food Service Managers".
2013-02-08 03:29:17 PM  
You know what job isn't good for that?  Only every single job I've ever had.
2013-02-08 03:35:11 PM  
My experience has been IT, more specifically Support Desk folks have quite a lot of action with the office folks.
2013-02-08 03:40:38 PM  
I was a young software developer. She was an experienced, ex-NASA test engineer. Ours was a forbidden romance. Then the dot-com bubble popped, the company locked its doors and we've been married thirteen years now.
2013-02-08 05:05:40 PM  
Welders? My fiancé is going to school for welding. He's pretty much the opposite of gay so...not worried here.
2013-02-08 05:38:04 PM  
Obvious screwing jokes aside, a lot goes on at law firms.  Long hours, boredom, ennui,'s irresistible.
2013-02-08 06:12:47 PM  
Anybody want to distill the list from that abortion of a webpage?  I had BOTH autoplays go off in my ear and immediately closed the shiat.  Bloody hell.
2013-02-08 10:27:53 PM  

Am I seriously the only person who was thinking this?
Catch our smile!

2013-02-08 10:41:21 PM  
Restaurant workers hands down.

In the early 90's in my early 20's I worked as a waiter in a "Shenanigan's" fern bar/restaurant and it was a veritable love shack.  We were all about the same age and if you weren't hooking up with someone at some point you were either married or and oldie in your 30's(ha!).

One particular work apartment party we had, a game of strip poker broke out with about 12 people playing.  While the guys had a shirt and shorts and maybe a watch on, the girls took every little accessory and trinket off every-time they lost a hand, which was fair because most of the ladies weren't familiar with the game.  Eventually people dropped out before becoming au natural, but there was 3 couples left(myself included) that eventually got buck naked.  We sat there completely nonchalant oblivious to the party still going on around us.  When the party dissipated and it was just us six, one guy stood up and declared: "Time to pair off!"  He hit the lights and one couple went into the kitchen, another into a bedroom and my partner and I off to the couch.  The next day at work we had an "86" board in the kitchen and the only things we were out of were:  Clothes, Dignity etc...

/sigh, I'm old now.
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