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(NYPost)   It sucks to be a yuppie parent whose kid gets rejected for admittance into exclusive school. Especially when the school publishes said rejection as part of fundraising effort for successful applicants to enjoy   ( divider line
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2013-02-08 10:55:39 AM  
3 votes:
Someone doesn't know what "yuppie" means. Yuppie = young professional. Here the term WASP would have worked better. Perhaps "ruling class," "aristocratic," etc would have been better.

Words have meaning
2013-02-08 10:46:55 AM  
3 votes:
So, basically, a bunch of self-important snobs seeking elite status are mad that a bunch of self-important snobs that achieved that elite status exposed their non-elite status for jollies?

Something about lying down with dogs comes to mind....
2013-02-08 11:00:02 AM  
2 votes:

LoneVVolf: "The revealing e-mail went out as part of a fundraising effort to have school supporters lobby parents of recently rejected kids for money"

Yeah... good luck with that.

Yeah... I don't get the school's logic in that.  "We rejected your kid, so give us money."  Are parents supposed to read between the lines that if they donate more money, then a spot might magically open up suddently and their kid might suddently be accepted?

Also, I love it when people tell me they went to an "elite" or "exclusive" school that I'd never heard of until they told me.

CSB: I have a coworker that went to a private school for engineering, and they were flabbergasted that I'd never heard of it.  "What do you mean you've never heard of it??  It's the number one engineering school in the country!"  Really?  That's odd, because I also went to school for engineering, and when I was reviewing the list of top engineering schools in the country, yours was not on that list.

/and i was never smart enough for one of those schools, so never went
//Go Bobcats and my mediocre BSEE from a public state university!
2013-02-08 10:49:49 AM  
2 votes:
Everyone involved are assholes.
2013-02-08 09:44:34 AM  
2 votes:
You know, 30 years ago "yuppie" did not equate to wealthy.
2013-02-08 02:02:13 PM  
1 vote:
FTFA: "The revealing e-mail went out as part of a fundraising effort to have school supporters lobby parents of recently rejected kids for money, sources say."

That sounds like the best plan ever. How could it possibly fail?

No wonder this school is considered elite. With PR geniuses like this running it, your kid is totally in good hands.
2013-02-08 12:17:00 PM  
1 vote:
So the admissions office released a list of who was accepted and who was rejected (because that's classy)

They did this in hopes of spamming rejected families into giving them money (because you saved so much on tuition and we're just that awesome, right?)

Families on the rejected list are angry but reluctant to sue because then people would (gasp!) know they were rejected from Dalton and forced to go to less prestigious private schools (I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the closest these kids would get to a public school is speeding past them with the windows rolled up)

and then there's this:

"The embarrassing e-mail has alumni seething. "It's ridiculous," exclaimed one. "This is a breach of confidentiality. The bottom line is admissions should never tell any outsiders anything."

I kind of want to set everyone involved on fire.
2013-02-08 11:45:25 AM  
1 vote:
I hate everyone involved, but the school might have a problem here.

They have already publicly stated that the purpose of the release was to raise money and communicating the failure of a 3rd person - in a way that might denigrate - for the purpose of gaining revenue is a decent platform to sue for deliberate infliction of emotional distress. Elite schools generally release numbers only - like Harvard might claim that they only except 5% of those applying, but they never list a bunch of names that they turned down. Someone at this school is dumb. I think that the whole thing is stupid, but this means something to the people in the community.
2013-02-08 11:33:30 AM  
1 vote:
Two words: Selection Bias.  Small Snob Prick schools can say that they are excellent teachers because their alumni go on to do such great things while public school kids, with their inferior public school teachers, wait tables.  This is an easy lie to perpetuate.  Never accept any trouble maker, or any kid from a poor home where the choice is between books and food, or any incurious or studious student, or anyone who could possibly be difficult at all to teach and you will look like you shiat gold as a teacher.  EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST AN OVER PAID, EGO INFLATED, QUICK TO DISCIPLINE JERKOFF.

My kid goes to a public school because that is where he will get an education that will actually SERVE him.  He, in his life, will have to deal with people who are not carbon copies of himself and will be taught to deal with that.  And along the way, he will also run across some excellent teachers as well as have me sitting next to him when he can't figure out his homework.  THAT is excellence in education.
2013-02-08 11:29:05 AM  
1 vote:

edmo: You know, 30 years ago "yuppie" did not equate to wealthy.

I think you are thinking of "yippie", which is the radical leftist party founded in NYC in the 1960's and 70's. It's like the urban version  "hippie".
2013-02-08 10:53:11 AM  
1 vote:

edmo: You know, 30 years ago "yuppie" did not equate to wealthy.

Yes it did.  Maybe you're thinking of hippie?
2013-02-08 10:50:01 AM  
1 vote:
"The revealing e-mail went out as part of a fundraising effort to have school supporters lobby parents of recently rejected kids for money"

Yeah... good luck with that.
2013-02-08 10:49:30 AM  
1 vote:
So that is why Chevy Chase is such an asshole.
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