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(The Raw Story)   "The fact remains, the instant availability of everything ever means I am consuming something that was never aimed at me, from a time and a place I have no connection with, and yet I am nearly enjoying it"   ( divider line
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2013-02-07 01:17:29 AM  
4 votes:
You could just enjoy stuff, instead of trying to prove your hipster credentials by meta-analyzing the trendiness of it into the ground.
2013-02-07 12:59:33 AM  
4 votes:
The sponsored links suck syphilitic donkey balls.  Not being able to discuss them is just cowardly.  And schiatty.  Really schiatty.
2013-02-07 12:50:33 AM  
3 votes:
I'm unsure what the article writer is getting at: Is that a problem or a benefit?

Yeah, some kids today will totally get into something made decades before they were born. And others will refuse to listen to anything more than three years ago. So what? The good news is they have a choice what to consume instead of just being forced-fed whatever is shoved through the bottleneck of pop uniformity.

What I'm trying to say is:

There will ALWAYS be those people who think that Tainted Love is a 2006 hit song by dance act Milk, Inc.
But there will be those people who know better, that it was a cover of a 2001 hit song by industrial artist Marilyn Manson.
And there will be those people who know even better, that it was a cover of a 1982 hit song by synthpop artist Soft Cell.
And there will be those people who know even better than that, that it was a cover of a 1964 hit song by R&B artist Gloria.

The good news is finding this out is pretty easy these days so there should be less excuse for ignorance even though there seems to be a lot more of it.
2013-02-07 12:23:21 AM  
2 votes:
Midget tranny porn?
2013-02-07 02:27:31 AM  
1 vote:

Cyno01: I think music is at a low point right now but television is definitely at a high point

Wat. There's something GOOD on television?

Really, if anything, I think TV was better merely a few years ago, before reality shows took over things like the History Channel, Discovery, and the lot. I mean, clearly basic TV sucks and has done so for years, and there are no timeless shows or sitcoms anymore, but the fact is that I'd happily ditch my TV if it weren't just as affordable to bundle it with decent internet access (I don't live in a technologically-advanced area). If I want TV, I'd go watch old reruns of MASH or something with actual feeling and emotion in some of the episodes.
2013-02-07 02:03:00 AM  
1 vote:
2013-02-07 01:56:11 AM  
1 vote:
TFA must have been written by a Dylan fan. It suddenly started, rambled all over the place, then just stopped.

At least with the internet you aren't limited to what the would-be 'corporate masters' insist on spoon-feeding everyone. And your favorite indy station can't be stomped on and bought out by Clear Channel. With places like youtube you can even listen to music from other countries that would NEVER play on a local station (or MTV/VH1 for that matter) such as this (for example). Given a choice, people will find what they like and listen to it regardless of when or where it was made or who it was aimed at.

/if you need Billboard or Clear Channel to tell you what is 'good' then you're doing it wrong anyway
//so shine on you crazy diamond
2013-02-07 01:23:48 AM  
1 vote:
I think I see the author's point but the whole thing kind of smacked of elitism. I'm also skeptical about how qualified a "45-year-old ass" is to comment on seemingly every artists' target audiences. I imagine most artists can get behind the idea of people perceiving their works in their own way.

/Hawkwind sucks
2013-02-07 01:02:09 AM  
1 vote:
Good music, like most art, is rather timeless.

If there's any sense of guilt to be felt about anything along these lines, it's this:  you, as the average listener, from the inception of the recorded medium until only quite recently, have been robbed of some absolutely amazing music, due to how distribution and promotion of successful acts has historically been a gateway monitored by a very small group of people.

Now that that is no longer the case (for the most part), the responsibility for finding that which you deem good is entirely in your hands.  If you're insisting on being told what to listen to, you'll receive a variant on the same lowest common denominator drivel that you've been getting for decades.... but who knows, maybe that's your thing.

Remember that next time you want to complain that there's no good music being made these days.
2013-02-07 12:56:25 AM  
1 vote:
Just before Christmas, I saw

"Your story becomes tiresome."

i2.listal.comView Full Size
2013-02-07 12:47:00 AM  
1 vote:
It also leads to things that might be aimed at you, but you  would previously have had no chance of getting.

Like my new weekend/summer project

/excited, but don't have the time at the moment
//thank you random Aussie
2013-02-07 12:38:46 AM  
1 vote:
This is the second main board article this week that mentions Mission of Burma. Awesome.
2013-02-07 12:33:17 AM  
1 vote:
here, enjoy a 1940s NSFW navy cartoon
2013-02-07 12:31:56 AM  
1 vote:
Well yeah, it's good that all the greatest stuff of all time is easily downloadable, I mean, even prodigious modern output can't keep up.
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