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(Salon)   What's the matter with pit bulls? Probably you   ( divider line
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2013-02-07 04:15:46 PM  

LadyHawke: Good article.  The fiance and I plan to eventually adopt a pit, though it won't be our first dog (while he's owned dogs growing up, I have not, so I want to start with an "easier" dog, such as a greyhound).  A pit/pit-mix rescue will most likely be our second dog.

Other farkers have already chimed in on this, so... forget what they said and pay attention to  semiotix.

No, but seriously, it's true that greyhounds are not "easy," although neither are they some sort of expert-level challenge. One thing to consider is that they can be extremely  violent without being  aggressive, if you're something that moves very fast and weighs less than 10 pounds. I learned this the hard way when I took a friend's greyhound, an ex-racer, to a dog park. He spend a solid hour frolicking in the friendliest possible way with a little corgi puppy. Then the puppy darted into a bush. Then the puppy darted out of a bush.

****whoosh**** and the puppy was half-dead from neck-shaking. I threw myself on the greyhound while other people got the puppy away. When I got up, the dog was totally serene. In his mind, the puppy disappeared and was instantaneously replaced with a rabbit, so he did what sighthounds do with rabbits, end of story. No malice, no aggression, just pure reflex. At the time I knew nothing about this, except that my friend had said he was great with other dogs. (When I told him what happened, he said, "oh, yeah, I meant to give you his muzzle." Douche.)

That doesn't disqualify greyhounds as pets, not by a long shot. But it's something that the usual "dog aggression" and "cat aggression" tests don't measure, so forewarned is forearmed. You could have drowned this dog in cats, and he wouldn't have blinked until one of them made a quick move in his peripheral vision.
2013-02-07 10:31:33 PM  
Gal up at the head of the road has a big Rottie who is under the impression that she was meant to be a lapdog. She had a tendency to try climb into my lap when I was opening the car door to check my mail on the way home. A hundred-plus pound dog putting all it's weight on one paw on certain portions of your anatomy can really leave a guy helpless, and trust me, it ain't with laughter.
Still and all, she's a wonderful girl. The only real evidence of any sort of benevolent god I've found is the existence of the average dog, and the way humans sometimes treat them is a strong counter-argument.
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