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(Badass Digest)   Yo dawg, we heard you liked Star Wars so we added some more Star Wars to Star Wars   ( divider line
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2013-02-06 10:15:50 PM  

inner ted: bionicjoe: inner ted: dudes loosing their heads, flying mandolorians blowing up into walls - goddam emperor dueling darth maul and ho-slapping savage opress

Where can I see this?
Cartoon Network have onDemand?

i think they go to dvd a few months after each season
or i suppose you could youtube it??

whatever the cost, these last couple episodes are totally worth it

shiat - this last episode was better than 90% of all 6 movies

/still not sure about the blade - ooo google, how you amaze
/gatdam that's a big pic - behold... the DARKSABER
[ image 720x728]

I like this.  The wrist-band thingies are definitely Vader-riffic. 
To be honest what I've seen of the Cartoon Network thing I've liked. I also have a Star Wars Monopoly game that is based off the series that I like. 
And by that I mean, it feature the orange Jedi girl with the white-blue striped hair/tentacles/whatevs.
2013-02-06 11:42:31 PM  

karmachameleon: dragonchild: How about, after six farking movies, we say the canon characters are played out and we realize that the appeal to Star Wars isn't the story but the world?  We have an entire galaxy to play with.  There are potentially thousands of compelling stories that could be told where the most famous characters make only a cameo at best, and preferably don't appear at all.  Which of course is the one thing that will never happen with the movies.

Agreed on all points (your points about Vader also) - good post.

Agreed as well. Star Wars beat Star Trek for me as a kid because of the entire galaxy with all kinds of cultures that was the background.

Dear Star Wars writers: we have had enough of Tatooine. And really, anything with the original characters. Their story is told. I think the prequels sucked because of trying to shoehorn everyone in.
2013-02-07 07:12:20 AM  

NotEric: Screw all that, I just want to play the Star Wars pinball tables.

farm9.staticflickr.comView Full Size

Holy hell yes... ZEN studios means it's for FX2 right? RIGHT?
/goes to check

Oh my, yes
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