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2003-12-15 09:28:52 PM  

Was somebody under the impression that a new cover will make this movie suck less?

Well it couldn't make it suck more*. Maybe they thought people wouldn't recognize it since the pronunciation is a bit odd.

* I didn't actually see the movie, but I feel safe bashing it.
2003-12-15 09:32:26 PM  
Amazing how you all always knock the famous down. Jealous?
2003-12-15 09:32:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-15 09:32:58 PM  

Hell yeah! Phil Hendrie rules the wasteland! Frodo the puppet kix ass.
2003-12-15 09:39:29 PM  
2003-12-15 09:52:11 PM  
2003-12-15 05:32:16 PM andonbray
Howard Stern is still on the air? Is he funny and/or entertaining yet?

You mean you don't know... don't you get radio reception in mommy's basement?
2003-12-15 09:58:12 PM  

You pretty much nailed it.

Except I would like to add, if I may:
#4-During the course of the show, there is an occasional outburst of obnoxious laughter by some crazy black lady, whose presence on the show is still a mystery.
2003-12-15 10:00:21 PM  
Another approved link for yours truly! Yay, me!
2003-12-15 10:00:30 PM  
yes! lets make fun of people who arent doing what i am! maybe ill look cool!
2003-12-15 10:09:31 PM  
Anybody know if you can get the Stern show on the net? He was dropped here (Montreal) years ago when he started ragging on the French.
I believe he's not carried in Toronto anymore and you have to pick him up from a Buffalo station.
2003-12-15 10:10:11 PM  
"i hate how morning radio talk shows laugh and laugh at the stupidest crap. one joke, if u want to call it that, they laugh for 2 minutes."

Blaze588, this bears repeating. You nailed it.
2003-12-15 10:27:58 PM  
{"i hate how morning radio talk shows laugh and laugh at the stupidest crap. one joke, if u want to call it that, they laugh for 2 minutes."}

Bob and tom are the worst for that, Why they are on 200+
stations is beyond my knowledge.
2003-12-15 10:36:54 PM  
Pick the biggest ass:

a) Howard Stern

b) Ben Affleck

c) Howard Stern's audience

d) J-Lo's
2003-12-15 10:39:45 PM  
Biggest ass award:

e) tonguedepressor

2003-12-15 10:40:25 PM  
ps- Howard rules!

flame on
2003-12-15 10:41:55 PM  
[Stern] was dropped here (Montreal) years ago when he started ragging on the French.

HA ha. Say what you want about America, but we're closer to free speak than Canada will ever be. My favorite example is the John Cougar video that was taken off the air for suggestive hip thrusts.

/floppy heads
2003-12-15 10:49:42 PM  
Dirty_Steve, you must've thought I meant "most lickable"

Howard Stern is tolerable and even funny when he's not talking with girls who have big fake hoorahs and calling them hot and saying he couldn't satisfy them with his little thingee but appreciates them nonetheless...

which, unfortunately, is rare.
2003-12-15 10:52:40 PM  
..but remember that Howard Stern invented every comedy premise in the entire universe. It's unfair how badly the entertainment industry treats him, really, when you consider how amazingly talented he is. He came up with the idea for his show when he was five years old! That just proves Stern's level of genius.. to have thought farts and penis jokes were funny back when he was FIVE YEARS OLD. GENIUS.
2003-12-15 10:56:45 PM  
I can't believe I missed that show! Oh, wait, I haven't listened to Howard since he got rid of Jackie. Not that Jackie was so great, but now the show REALLY sucks.

Howard, retire already!
2003-12-15 11:03:25 PM  
fill us in sailboat. is stern funny yet? my mom doesn't have a basement. i have a radio, but i don't want to waste my time listening to stern again until he is funny.
2003-12-15 11:05:31 PM  
I will offer $100 dollars to charity and beer for Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Kevin Smith to come chill out with me for a night... Beer provided and fun movie chats... They have to be a interesting group to put out good will hunting which is an incredible movie. So perhaps Ben will go for this... probably not... but at least i am not ripping on him for the fact that the media has put him in our face to much... not his fault... just IMHO...
2003-12-15 11:07:37 PM  
Other story there: Nicole dreams of Jennifer's bottom.

Are you kidding? Nicole Kidman looks great. JLo has enough bottom for two women. Nicole, call me. Forget about Lenny the Loser.
2003-12-15 11:09:26 PM  
Ahem...(*clearing throat*)


2003-12-15 11:13:46 PM  
danmanmayer, I'll throw in with you and make it $200 for charity and will supply the beer, Harpoon IPA, but Ben's gotta bring J-Lo.
2003-12-15 11:24:48 PM  

I'm laughing because you obviously listen to the show all the time. How else could it anger you so?

And on the subject of creativity, let me point to your ever-so-creative comments on Robin. The way you put the words 'black' and 'whore' next to each other ran tingles up my spine.

/obligatory on-topic comment: Jennifer ( as Ben and family call her ) was damn hot in the cell. Just saw the cover today
2003-12-15 11:25:12 PM  
Affleck plays an electrician who has had part of his memory erased, and struggles to find clues to his whereabouts for the past two years.

I didn't read all the posts, so someone may have mentioned this already, but this description of Paycheck is terrible. Could they have made it sound any worse? The story is about a world-renowned genius who works for high level companies on top secret projects and regularly has his memory erased to avoid spilling his secrets. After one job, he finds that he wasn't paid but is instead the recipient of 20 or so objects to help him retrace his recent past. Nothing says action like an electrician with a memory problem!
2003-12-15 11:27:19 PM  
Sure thing, Ben Lopez... "almost" as good as hitting J.Lo

mmhmm... tell me another one
2003-12-15 11:28:01 PM  
Howard's show sucks so bad that stations run only 15 minutes of advertising every half hour. Canadian peso stations couldn't afford him. Howard rules!
2003-12-15 11:28:51 PM  
I listened to Stern's show until recently, when I realized it just isn't that good. It is still occasionally mildly amusing, I must admit. Artie, I say. Thanks for your compliment on my dead-on accurate appraisal of Robin Quivers.

And uh, on-topic, uh, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are no-talent morons.
2003-12-15 11:31:06 PM  
2003-12-15 11:33:54 PM  

2003-12-15 11:37:11 PM  
stapon - Amazing how you all always knock the famous down. Jealous?

Of course they're jealous. But that's not why they 'knock them down'. I'm sure there are many people the 'knockers' envy that they very much admire and respect. I think the point is, the people in question usually haven't done anything to deserve admiration or respect. They just play a part in a 2-hour play and all of the sudden we can't turn on the TV without them spouting off. 'Knocking them down' is like saying, 'Do something worthwhile or get off of my damn TV/Magazine/Whatever. You're getting annoying.'

Very simple actually.
2003-12-15 11:37:44 PM  
Howard is more entertaining the ANYTHING on radio, all you people that hate howard can eat a dic,
2003-12-15 11:41:13 PM  
Dear Santa, Please get Opie and Anthony back on the radio.

Oh, and Affleck was pretty cool for doing that.
2003-12-15 11:43:31 PM  
Stern's show is, let's see - a guy who says "outrageous" things and --- a girl who laughs. And they have a nutty producer they make fun of every day.

And that's the joke, every day. Unless they have a "best of" show, and then you'll hear *reruns* of a guy who says "outrageous" things, and -- a girl who.. etc.

EVERY day.

Maybe Stern revived the network radio morning show, but his format is tired, and his stuff is the same as all the Clear Channel crap that's on every other morning show in the country. Okay, maybe he's got more strippers, but it's RADIO so who cares?

His divorce proved that everything he said in Private Parts was a *LIE* -- his family *didn't* come first, and his "innovative" show ideas proved to be a one-note horn.

Pull the trigger, Howard. Put this tired horse to bed, and go produce or something.
2003-12-15 11:44:05 PM  
Affleck is not a moron. Guess you should have listened to the show.
2003-12-15 11:46:25 PM  
Redban: " Howard is more entertaining the ANYTHING on radio, all you people that hate howard can eat a dic,"

Hah, you're just phrasing it like that to get yerself eaten.

Howard really needs to give it up, his type of humor has come and passed.
2003-12-15 11:46:32 PM  
Howard Stern is alright, but he's nothing compared to Opie & Anthony. Now those guys were funny, and they actually pushed the envelope (too bad they pushed it a little too far.)
2003-12-16 12:06:52 AM  
Wow, the trolls really came out of the woodwork on this one, eh? I don't listen to the radio most of the time, I've never heard Howard Stern's show, I don't know what kind of guy Ben Affleck is, I don't care if Stern revolutionized morning radio or not, I haven't seen enough movies with Affleck in them to judge his acting ability and career progression, and I have no interest in arguing over the subject. That said, someone will inevitably come in and find a way to disagree with my utter apathy on the topic. The trolls will find a way.
2003-12-16 12:11:01 AM  
GobyWan , you wouldn't know a troll if he threw you off his bridge and hit you with his troll-stick.
2003-12-16 12:25:24 AM  
Howard Stern is alright, but he's nothing compared to Opie & Anthony. Now those guys were funny, and they actually pushed the envelope (too bad they pushed it a little too far.)

My afternoons still aren't the same without Op and Ant. I miss Jim Norton, Stalker Patty, Rick the Producer and especially Black Earl and his ridiculous outbreaks.

Affleck has moments when he's good, but damn has he made some bad career moves. And I'll bet his keeeeeses don't taste like tacos.
2003-12-16 12:28:29 AM  

GobyWan, if you don't even care then why bother wasting our time with a post???

(hehe, pretty good huh :) )

err...anyway, Ben's not so bad. He seems like a real guy at least.

But, J-Lo is annoying as fork because of how mass-marketed her whole career is. She was a pretty face and up-and-coming actress when Selena and Jack were put out, but somewhere a big studio grabbed her (well afterward, I might add) and mass-marketed her life as a Britney for the growing latino population in the U.S.

I'm sure she's a fine person, but she went from 3rd tier unknown actress to media darling overnight without the big hit to do it. That usually draws some people's ire.
2003-12-16 12:36:31 AM  
crankychick - Stalker patty was the best. i loved it when they shaved her head, kicked her off the show, and took her wig. Then she ran down the street screaming "They're all looking at me!!"

/ahh memories
2003-12-16 01:15:16 AM  
Seabass, well? Does she??
2003-12-16 01:15:30 AM  
howard stern's show still makes me laugh... sure, it's not perfect, but i almost laughed til i puked when he had the howieweird squares the other day. completely base humor, but the mixing of the KKK, homosexuals, blacks, whores, gay bashers, gilbert godfried, and the severely mentally-challenged couple wendy and gary was truly inspired.
2003-12-16 01:44:49 AM  
So... Does J-Lo like butt-sex or not?!?! what did Ben say?!?!

2003-12-16 01:53:09 AM  
he (ben) did not answer on the whether or not she takes it in the can...
i think she may be too much of a princess to get her mud-whistle blown.
2003-12-16 04:38:04 AM  
i like howard alot, but can't understand why he has the laughing girl, robin on there. must be some kinda angle. racial balance thing maybe. she contributes nothing to the show.
i kinda block her out cuz i do like the rest of the cast. atrie lang rocks. another great jersey italian.
2003-12-16 07:17:39 AM  
The moment Jackie's contract wasn't picked up that show went straight off the edge of a cliff. It went from being fresh, innovative and wildly entertaining to being nothing more than run-of-the-mill morning radio fluff. Way to go Howard, you may be making loads of money, but you ruined your program and showed yourself up as just another marginally talented DJ. I hope you read this and decide that its time to bring back the Jokeman.

Everyone knows you had the power to bring him back; all you had to do is pay the man what he was worth
2003-12-16 07:20:52 AM  
I bet J-ho is one of those girls that refuse to put a dick in their mouth.
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