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(KTVB Boise)   Idaho considering changing Welfare Day to Welfare Week   ( divider line
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2013-02-01 10:22:47 PM  

Spanky_McFarksalot: Pelvic Splanchnic Ganglion: Wait, so the guy who is actually paying into the system is the one who's the mooch?  I'm confused.

I know people who take all sorts of tax credits and end up getting thousands more back thn they paid in. Those same people then turn around and complain about the poor getting a couple hundred dollars to buy food.

If someone gets back more than they paid in, how is it not welfare?

/not subby or tofu alt.

And yet Mittens gets heat for saying this same thing. Here's a hint. The 47% people talk about isn't "the poor."
2013-02-01 10:55:12 PM  

here to help: g4lt: RTFA, they did, the embossing of names, for starters.

You're right. Let's kill the poor. They should do their own damned embossing.

They'd learn a marketable skill.
2013-02-01 11:07:28 PM  

meat0918: BarkingUnicorn: Amazon is surprisingly short on "food stamp cookbooks."  This genre could be a bonanza for some author(s)!  48 million food stamp recipients!

The USDA is full of general advice about stretching your food stamp allowance, i. e., "make a list, avoid impulse buying, buy in bulk," but I can't find any recipes, daily menus, or weekly menu plans.  (If you have links, I'd love to see 'em. But don't tell me, "The government must be doing this already.")

Cookbooks for different States/regions to accommodate food's availability and cost in different markets.  Cookbooks for singles, families, adults, kids, the elderly.  Kosher and halal food stamp cookbooks.  Endless variations.

Forget publishers and even self-publishing.  Just collect royalties from the USDA for every title it mails to a food stamp recipient.  Some good lobbying might get you an exclusive contract and make distribution to all recipients mandatory.

Of course, my brilliant idea fails if it really isn't possible to eat adequately on food stamps.

Try this.

Uh, no.  That's as lame as the "live on food stamps for a week challenge."  Silly rules, too.  And they couldn't even grow vegetables in southern California!
2013-02-01 11:45:44 PM  

Matthew Keene: that's usually a person that would not know what to do with a five pound bag of pinto beans and a hamhock

and some black beans and some porkchops and some sausage.......
2013-02-02 02:02:03 AM  

MyRandomName: ...

Capital gains are not preferrential, theyare different realizations on income .

Investments require risk. Working for aset paycheck does not .

Investments are long term gain. If it takes me 10 years of capital risk to make 100k the calculation is on a set sale for all gains. If you want it taxed at normal income you would need to remove all risk and do gains as if taken each year of the investment. For the above it would tax at the rate of 10k.

Stop the simple thinking that capital gains are equal to income. They are completely different vehicles.

Ok- so hear me out-
Instead of working for your money, you are investing it- and when you make a profit...
That's not income????
Why are we giving preferential treatment to an income stream? Get rid of Capital Gains- it's another form of income.
Treat it as such-
If you want to encourage investment, make it so any profit that you realize AND THEN ACTUALIZE  (IE cash out instead of reinvesting) is treated and taxed *at the same rate as income, since at that point, it is income.*
This allows and encourages investment and reinvestment- and eliminates people using capital gains as a shelter for permanent wealth.  Do the same with IRA, both Roth and Classical- IE- it is not taxed as income until you start drawing from it-

So, say I start an IRA- I continually reinvest any profits I make and continue gaining till my retirement.  Any losses would be considered risk of playing the game- essentially just as if I were working, and decided to take an upaid day off.  When I retire and start drawing from the IRA, the amount I draw is income- which I gained from investment, but still income.
So, instead of drawing the entirety of the IRA, I'd only take what I need to maintain a decent lifestyle- and... Wait for it....
Continue to invest the remainder.
The market benefits since I am still active in the market, and the government still retains the funds I pay as my fair share of taxes.  Win, Win, Win.

But you see- this would make people upset, since a simplified take on the idea of income would shatter a huge shelter exploited by corporations, the wealthy, and the mid-to-not-so-wealthy.

On that note, if corporations are individuals in the eyes of the law, they should be individuals in the eyes of the IRS ^_~
2013-02-02 11:32:10 AM  

Citrate1007: The proposal is to issue benefits over 10 days each month, and print recipient's names on their benefit cards.

Surprised they don't do this already.  MN recently had to pass a law that prohibits the cards from being used out of state.  Too many people on food stamps were using them while on vacation.

That is really the only part of the article that surprised me. I would have figured putting the name on the card would help prevent other people using the cards.
2013-02-02 11:57:22 AM  

Bathia_Mapes: Oregon has been doing this for years. The day your SNAP benefits are available on the Oregon Trail card are based on the last digit of your Social Security number.

How many of the recipients of the Oregon Trail card die of dysentary every year?
2013-02-03 06:24:33 PM  

g4lt: Uhm, this isn't a problem in Idaho.  The last time deposits were collected for Soda bottles was in the Seventies IIRC.  (I personally started using Aluminum when cans started to actually have a better return than deposits, when Alcoa started weekly runs to my hometown, so can't remember the exact date)

We didn't have deposits when I was a little kid.  I remember soda bottles everywhere.  You couldn't even walk out in the woods without seeing empties lying everywhere.  I'd actually like to see deposits expanded to more products that are recyclable.  I'd do it through voluntary programs though, but letting the stores and manufacturer's keep the unclaimed returns.  (You'd probably have to set a minimum return so companies didn't game the system by just charging a few cents.  Soda deposits have gotten low enough relative to cost so that lots of people just throw them in the recyclables, which is fine, but I'm also seeing more lying along the side of roads these days).

here to help: At that point just let them have their booze. You seriously want to legislate that? I thought the idea was to have LESS government intrusion. That's a pain in the dick for EVERYONE involved.

The problem there is that alcoholic parents might spend all their money on booze and let their kids starve.  Personally, if an alcoholic who isn't bothering anyone wants to drink away his liver, I don't care, but right now we are closer to banning buying soda with food stamps than letting people buy booze with food stamps.  Of course, you can spend your money on Twinkies too, but Twinkies are (a little) less addictive than alcohol.

jayphat: Or, you know, just don't let soda be eligible for food stamp purchases.

Why not?  Poor kids don't deserve an occasional soda?  Then don't let them buy cookies.  Then crackers.  It's fine from a health food perspective, but you either have to label each product as 'food stamp' or 'not food stamp' or people have to memorize the lists of what qualifies or not.  I was responding to a specific movement to do just that, that was citing this as a reason.  Fixing the deposit removes the distortion from the system.  I suppose they can always eat cake.
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