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(Huffington Post UK)   Royal prank call DJs will not face charges, will just have to live with being mediocre radio pseudo-personalities   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Michael Christian, DJs Mel, Communications Act of 1934, King Edward VII, Crown Prosecution Service, royal families, Duchess of Cambridge, data protection act  
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2013-02-01 12:49:50 PM  
2 votes:
Meh... This was stupid at the beginning. The DJ's did something rather innocuous, the hospital senior staff exploded and THAT is what caused this nurse to end her world.
2013-02-01 12:35:51 PM  
1 vote:

browntimmy: Genevieve Marie: and during those days the hospital was being bombarded with calls and press saying the women involved should be fired.

Then those people are just as responsible for her suicide as the DJs.

Scratch that, those people are more responsible fore her suicide than the DJs.

What's more malicious, calling someone to make them look dumb, or calling to tell them they're horrible at their job and should be fired?
2013-02-01 11:55:58 AM  
1 vote:

mcmnky: Had there ever been a prank call funny to anyone other the person making the call?

These guys should be prosecuted just for being horrible DJs.

Nope. Pranks like this where someone is basically meant to come out looking stupid and idiotic to an audience of strangers are terrible.

Punk'd, while a very stupid show, at least targets people who have decided to have public images, are tailored specifically to those people, and are performed by friends (or at least acquaintances) of the targets. I don't care for the show or Ashton Kutcher, but at least someone doing pranks isn't malicious about it.
2013-02-01 11:28:06 AM  
1 vote:
I know it's been said before, but who the fark prank calls a hospital?

They should have been fired just for that, not for anything the nurse did.
2013-02-01 11:24:36 AM  
1 vote:

Dr J Zoidberg: Raked over the coals? Nobody would have ever remembered her name if she hadn't decided to kill herself and this all would have been forgotten a week later.

Not by the people she worked with- she'd still be dealing with embarrassment there. And yes, it would have blown over, but can you imagine reading hundreds of stories about what a fark up you are for doing your best to do your job?

Feeling like the butt of a joke is embarrassing in a best case scenario- feeling like the butt of a joke where the whole world is laughing at you when you're already sad, lonely and depressed? That's brutal.
2013-02-01 11:22:35 AM  
1 vote:

browntimmy: I understand why they were fired, but I don't think they even deserved that.

At the very least, even if there hadn't been any negative repercussions from their prank, they were taking up the time of the nurses at the hospital and taking them away from their real duties. Prank calls are obnoxious to begin with, but prank calls to a hospital, where people are trying to care for others as efficiently as possible?

They fully deserved to lose their jobs over it.
2013-02-01 11:19:45 AM  
1 vote:

Dr J Zoidberg: If she was so ashamed then she could have gone and apologized to Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family since she was staying at the hospital she worked at and they would have told her the same thing they told everybody else, that they didn't even care

Which would have done precisely nothing about the fact that she was being totally raked over the coals in the press around the world. Very few people experience that, and I think casually dismissing what that would be like doesn't show much empathy for others.

Then again, neither does calling someone who committed suicide a "moron".
2013-02-01 11:05:24 AM  
1 vote:

Dr J Zoidberg: She killed herself because she was a moron

No, she killed herself because she was a lonely, fragile person who was working all the time (Basically living at work) away from her family and because she had a history of depression- but these jerks did help trigger it. It has to be pretty miserable waking up every day to headlines from the world media about how stupid you are not to be able to tell that the accents were fake- especially when English is your second language, and so detecting regional accents is probably difficult. And especially when your life is basically your job, and now you feel incompetent there too.

The DJs couldn't have predicted her suicide, and I understand that and don't think they should be charged. But this is EXACTLY why that type of prank is such a terrible idea. At the very least, you're holding someone up to public ridicule without their consent. Yes, someone less fragile wouldn't have killed themselves over this, but that's exactly the thing with this kind of prank- you have no idea who you're pulling it on, or what their life is like, or how they'll take it.

It was really cruel.
2013-02-01 10:15:15 AM  
1 vote:
Despite the "all in good fun" guffawing that obnoxious radio DJs claim, you know these guys love screwing with people and causing harm.  Remember such gems as "War of the Roses" - the DJs call a married guy and tell him he's won roses he can send to anyone.  Dude sends them to his kid's babysitter, or whoever he's tongue puppeting, all while the wife is on the line, listening to the letch.  Is that supposed to be "all in good fun?"  Because that's going to fark some shiat up - and the DJs know it.  The win for them is breaking the couple up.  A total failure would be the guy sending the flowers to his wife.  They want destruction and mayhem for the laughs.

In that light, you've really got to hand it to these two DJs.  They deserve the crown of ultimate morning show gods.  They actually executed a prank that resulted in a married woman, mother of two, killing herself afterward.  I mean, how farking awesome is that?  With a phone call they were able to murder a woman by proxy and get away with it.  Say what you will about medical records, and morality, and whatever else - but you've got to pat these guys on the back.

I'm sure there was luck involved.  The woman who ended up stepping off of the toilet with the rope around her neck, to then claw and gag as life for her slowly faded black, she had to be sort of teetering already.  Maybe the marriage was rocky, the kids were unloving pains in the tits, or the old nursing career turned out to be professional ass wiper and vomit mopper.  Whatever - the DJs nailed her at the right moment and pushed her over the edge.

I don't want to sound like a dick, but bad-farking-ass.
2013-02-01 10:01:42 AM  
1 vote:
Sweet.  So I can get medical information under false pretenses on whoever I want?
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