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(Slate)   Can't get reasonable health insurance? Start your own insurance company   ( divider line
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2013-01-31 05:25:00 AM  
4 votes:

MasterThief: I think we picked the wrong liberal democrat union supporter to fix the health care system.

If you start with the assumption that the best value system still relies on the private, or at least non-profit, sector then sure. But much of the world has a different and in many ways better way.

What's wrong with the government being the insurer? Providing health care on an as-needs basis to its taxpayers? Americans can't handle this idea but it works well in many countries, without the extraordinary duplication that goes with hundreds of providers all doing the same thing. There is still room for private insurance companies to support elective procedures and promote health/fitness programs, or services in private medical facilities (eg with private rooms, higher quality food etc), but the basic safety net is in government hands.

Here in Australia, where our public medical arrangements were largely designed by left-of-centre Labor governments, we had a very conservative government between 1996 and 2007. They slashed funding for public education, slashed and burned conditions and protections for workers, kissed George W's arse at every opportunity, but they pretty much didn't touch our Medicare arrangements. They are just too popular with a large majority of the population.

So get sucked in by your politicians and media who are themselves funded by private health insurance all you want, call Obamacare "socialism" (when its actually well to the right of arrangements in Australia, Europe and as I understand it Canada) but you're losing out when you do so.

csb/ broke my arm one Sunday afternoon near my home in an outer-suburban region of a relatively minor Australian city. Got X-rayed at the local hospital 2 miles away within 2 hours, walked straight past the emergency ward and into a room in the larger regional hospital 10 miles away 2 hours after that, was under the knife 8am the following day getting my wrist pinned, discharged the next day and back at work 9am the day after that. Missed 2 days work. Cost me precisely nothing and no paperwork, arguements or hassles.
2013-01-31 01:46:56 AM  
2 votes:
Capitalism and entrepreneurship is still alive and well.

The Occupy movement could learn something from this woman.
2013-01-31 10:48:18 AM  
1 vote:

ALC59: I thought Obamadon'tcare took care of everything/everybody

Afffordability glitch

You're an idiot.  Here, let me tell you why that talking point is crap.  Obamacare provides tax credits for taxpayers with employer-based coverage if your premiums are above a certain level of your income.  Congress made those tax credits available based on the premiums for individual worker coverage instead of family coverage.  So, while your individual worker coverage might be less than 10% of your income, your family coverage most likely is higher, and if your employer doesn't subsidize your premiums, you might not be able to afford to insure your kids.  The administration tried to change this with an IRS rule, but it will take (the Republican-controlled) House to actually put through a legislative fix.

Now, how the hell does that have anything to do with an insurance company that was founded to tailor its insurance plans to independent contractors?  This insurance company DELIBERATELY is not employer-based, so your link has nothing to do with them.  TFA makes NO MENTION of a difference between single employee and family plans, so your link has nothing to do with that, either.  Or are you just dropping today's talking point like a turd into any remotely punchbowl shaped thread?
2013-01-31 08:59:26 AM  
1 vote:

TomD9938: Just buy your own insurance FFS.

That's why you get paid more per hour Mr. Contractor Man.

That's Ms. Contractor Man to you.

Plus I do buy my own, thanks to the AHCA, as I've discussed far too many $26k per year for a family of four because I have RA.  I don't make *that* much more per hour that I can continue to afford that.  Plus, before AHCA, health care wasn't an option until after at least six months without healthcare for everybody, and then my option was to hope like hell I got into a high-risk state-run pool after that six months was up.  I live in Florida, so yeah...wasn't going to happen.  My COBRA ran out just as AHCA was passed.

Plus, I think she had a brilliant idea -- good on her!  Wish I lived in NY, or that the insurance were available here in FL.

Also, we are seriously looking into moving away from FL so we can continue to afford health care.  Friggin Rick Scott, the crook.
2013-01-31 02:00:07 AM  
1 vote:
Just buy your own insurance FFS.

That's why you get paid more per hour Mr. Contractor Man.
2013-01-31 01:44:19 AM  
1 vote:
Good.  As soon as insurance companies start biatching about needing a bail-out because FartbongoCare made them bankrupt, there will be precedent for their replacement.
2013-01-31 01:43:54 AM  
1 vote:
Step #1: Raise $10,000,000.00
2013-01-31 12:34:44 AM  
1 vote:
Her father worked as a labor lawyer, her grandfather as a vice president of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.

She learned the fine art of screwing people over at an early stage in life.
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