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(CNN)   Blind, disoriented and covered in leeches is no way to go through life, son   ( divider line
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2013-01-29 04:20:53 AM  
2 votes:
Reminds me of this moron:

i527.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-01-29 03:13:04 AM  
2 votes:

Langdon_777: What bothers me is a 18 year old just vanished from home and I only really see his pics after he is found.


Makes me wonder how many other people have been missing for nine weeks and I know absolutely nothing about it.

There should be a 10 minute (at least) segment after every single news show that shows pictures and the worried parents of anyone who has dropped off the radar for that long.

This sort of hell should be constantly broadcasted until resolved : Link

Because he is eighteen and legally entitled to fark off, no matter how stupid the farking?

Also, he's not a pretty white girl.
2013-01-29 01:50:10 AM  
2 votes:
considering that this is wilderness in Australia we're talking about, I'd say leeches were a pleasant surprise.

/drop bears
2013-01-29 10:44:04 AM  
1 vote:
I was going to get into a pissing contest, saying we have all of those same leeches here in Canada but then I read about the ants and the spiders and snakes that Just Another OC Homeless Guy describes and really there is no comparison.

I mean, I've been all over the Great White North and I've never even seen a rattlesnake, black widow or a bear up close (although I have been pounced on by a cougar...) and those are the are barely on the radar for Aussie danger.

That being said, in -30C that kid wouldn't have lasted 9 hours let alone weeks. There, I feel better.
2013-01-29 10:06:10 AM  
1 vote:

nero_design: [ image 800x534]
This kid went missing about 20km from the city I live in. Just thought you lads might appreciate the type of leeches we are talking about. They're not exactly small and these two haven't even fed yet. They both climbed over the rim of my gold pan whilst I was panning once.

We come across them all the time in the rivers and creeks. They are attracted to moment (they have rudimentary eyes), they are attracted to vibration, they are attracted to body heat and they are attracted to carbon dioxide when you exhale. And there's nothing more terrifying than approaching a creek and seeing literally thousands of moving leeches as they sense your presence and sway backwards and forwards to determine where you are. Seeing two hundred of them break ranks and start to cross a creek to get to you is unnerving. But watching them swim upstream 50 yards to get to you when you are panning for gold is just freaky... until you life your gold pan and find three stuck to the bottom of your pan. And then you know for sure that they're probably in your jeans and working their way to your genitals where the heat signature is strongest.

They will literally drop out of trees if they sense you below them, and they can drink you dry (in theory) although I have only seen this happen on CSI.

I just throw them to the nearest ant nest and spray my ankles with Deet in the form of "Bushmans" (a powerful carcinogenic insect repellent of legendary strength).

Have only been bitten once whilst seeking gold in a creek that was waist deep when I approached a submerged log. These "Tiger leeches" (named due to the stripes) have the largest jaws of the various leeches here and are the most common (I have never seen the other species)... and they are one of the few that you can actually feel biting into you. It stings like an ant's sting at first, then the saliva carries an anesthetic followed by a powerful anticoagulant. In my instance, I waded backwards out of the ...

Ahhhh, Australia. Have you considered a career writing advertising copy for their Tourism Bureau?
2013-01-29 05:33:01 AM  
1 vote:

libranoelrose: Kimpak: All Latest: Reminds me of this moron:

[ image 500x375]

Ugh, that guy's story, and its movie adaptation makes me angry. The guy basically goes to commit slow suicide and that's somehow supposed to be inspirational? If memory serves, he wasn't even that far away from a ranger station if he'd just thought to have at least a map.

Did you read the Krakauer bio?

I have only seen Sean Penns film "Into the Wild". It seems that both the film and the book by Krakauer got a few things wrong.
It would be interesting to see Ron Lamothes documentary "The Call of the Wild".
2013-01-29 05:03:30 AM  
1 vote:

Kimpak: All Latest: Reminds me of this moron:

[ image 500x375]

Ugh, that guy's story, and its movie adaptation makes me angry. The guy basically goes to commit slow suicide and that's somehow supposed to be inspirational? If memory serves, he wasn't even that far away from a ranger station if he'd just thought to have at least a map.

Did you read the Krakauer bio?
2013-01-29 04:41:50 AM  
1 vote:

ADHD Librarian: I am waiting for the bit where we find out the kid was hiding out deliberately, because I used to play in the bush around there when I was a kid. There is no way in hell you could stay lost out there unless you were really trying. They have bulldozed so much of what was there and turned it into housing, I can't imagine you could be anywhere in that area without hearing the sound of cars all day and all night. Walk to the sound of the cars (simple). Or walk downhill until you hit the water, follow the water until you hit the bridge, wait for a car to pass and wave at it.
Seriously, look at the place.

/oh and for our Aussie readers, that is the same bushland where they used to film It's a Knockout in the 80s

Well, if he did it on purpose, he sure paid for it in spades. Losing 50% of your body weight and having to have your feet amputated because of gangrene is a hell of a way to be all pissy or just trying to get some attention or whatever.
2013-01-29 04:10:43 AM  
1 vote:
I live about 12kms from Westleigh, and it's NOT wilderness. Not by a long stretch! Oh, and far rather covered in leeches than covered in paralysis ticks. Leeches won't kill you (unless you get enough of them that they suck you dry!).
2013-01-29 03:12:52 AM  
1 vote:
What's really crazy is how they dragged the kid to Hong Kong to report the story.
2013-01-29 02:33:42 AM  
1 vote:
ah, yep. here it is

Seems like the kid has more problems than the leaches.
2013-01-29 02:08:09 AM  
1 vote:
Seriously this guy went though hell. So he'll spend a year getting rehabilitated and back to health. Then he'll write/ghost write a book and go on tour and eventually retire someday when he has his fun and/or money settled. Then he'll live until he dies.
2013-01-29 01:46:32 AM  
1 vote: Full Size
2013-01-29 01:39:21 AM  
1 vote:
If I was covered in leeches, I'm pretty sure I'd want to be blind.
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