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2013-01-25 06:32:38 PM

RyansPrivates: zabadu: This is true also. Can you imagine just having dinner with he and Don Rickles? The home movies Newhart showed on Carson were some of the funniest things ever.

I still remember how whenever Rickles was on Carson, they would come back from commercial and Johhny would be all red-faced from laughing at the off-color jokes Rickles was telling during the break.

2013-01-25 06:52:26 PM

zabadu: Stratohead: zabadu: Stratohead: zabadu: Stratohead: zabadu: notsosilentbob: Don't get the Robin Williams hate, but I guess you're supposed to hate everything and everyone that anyone else may have heard of before. At least if you want to be one of the cool kids. I thought the bit was funny and pretty typical of his stuff.

Thank you. Robin Williams is like Jonathan Winters. Doesn't need anything to be funny. He just is.
It's not "Hate" its acceptance of reality.
Williams USED to be funny... Winters USED to be funny... they aren't anymore.

all the proof you need is to watch "Certifiably Jonathan"...its extremely painful to watch. If you can make it all the way to the end you have an iron clad constitution.


Certifiably Jonathan is a mockumentary. Jonathan Winters actually had a psychotic breakdown early in his career. Williams is an alky and druggie (former).

However, both can take things out of the air and be funny. Maybe not YOUR kind of funny, but funny nonetheless.

Williams on Actor's Studio was fabulous. Winters can take a stick and do a whole routine. Again, maybe not your kind of humor. But to say they've both lost it...well, you're very wrong.

Winters COULD still can take a stick and do an entire routine...past tense.

Fun Fact...people Age...as they age...sometimes they lose a step. Winters and Williams are amongst them.
This in no way detracts from their previous body of work...does mean I'm not going to go out of my way to watch anything "new".

/though I have considered collecting some of Winters art...he's got some neat paintings.

He's just not your style anymore.

once again... go attempt to watch "Certifiably Jonathan" all the way through. The clips of him from the 60's are still laugh out loud funny... the stuff filmed for the "mockumentary" is farking PAINFULLY unfunny.

rather sad really.

I have. I enjoyed it.

RyansPrivates: I would rather have Bob Newhart. Some of the funniest shiat I have ever heard was from his comedy al ...

someone once ask Carson, when the 3 of them go out to dinner does Rickles get them in trouble. Johnny replied it was always Newhart getting them in trouble as he was the evil (in a good way) one and nobody could tell if he was joking or serious.
2013-01-25 06:57:16 PM
Comedy is just like music; it's all a matter of taste. I like Robin Williams. Always have; always will, and I won't apologize for it. If you(the generic you) don't like him, fine. It's no skin off my nose. I never thought Hedberg was funny, but that's just me. I'll never denegrate anyone who liked him, though.

/you're mileage may vary
2013-01-25 07:00:12 PM
I absolutely love this man. Sue me.
2013-01-25 07:12:46 PM
As a comedian, Robin Williams is meh at best.

As an actor, if he's given the right role, he can be pretty amazing.

See: One Hour Photo and World's Greatest Dad
2013-01-25 07:48:16 PM
The Patton Oswalt channel on Pandora is pretty good - a lot of stuff I hadn't heard before.
2013-01-26 12:37:12 AM


Somehow, Robin "White Knight to Armstrong" Williams still lives, yet Mitch Hedburg dies.

It's because Mitch Hedberg couldn't handle his drugs, and Robin Williams could. Survival of the fittest.
2013-01-26 02:33:53 AM
Oh look, a whole thread of people I can't ever be friends with.
2013-01-26 11:26:43 AM
And then there was Robin Williams on the Dick Cavett show that PBS would dig up for fundraisers....
2013-01-26 11:34:38 AM
yes he is that good.

An no, you don't have a sense of humor...or if you do, it just doesn't sync with most of humanity.

/there's a reason he's been around this long...
2013-01-26 01:09:06 PM
Robbin Williams is a special talent. A great comic and actor. If you didn't laugh, it's probably because you are stupid.

"Not everyone has a sense of humor. People with autism, Asperger's syndrome, and a variety of developmental disabilities sometimes lack one, or have a very strange one. For some people, this can be very awkward, as it plays a vital role in human interactions. An autistic, for example, might have a very well-developed personal sense of humor, but an inability to understand why a knock-knock joke is funny. People without one may find themselves belittled, mocked, or treated as stupid, leading to anxiety and depression."
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