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(Live Science)   The Super Bowl is coming up and there is a chicken wing shortage. EVERYBODY PANIC   ( ) divider line
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2013-01-24 10:40:55 AM  
2 votes:
For those of you who are now incredibly hungry for wings...
2013-01-24 10:40:25 AM  
2 votes:

brantgoose: Popcorn chicken is made of squid anuses.

Pass it on!

Chicken wings are made from the tiny arms of aborted fetuses!
2013-01-24 09:56:00 AM  
2 votes:

Rapmaster2000: Science just needs to invent a chicken with 6 wings instead of 2. Do I have to think of everything around here?

Three Legged Chicken

A man was driving along a rural road one day when he saw a three legged chicken running down the road. He was amused enough to drive along side it for a while, as he was driving he noticed the chicken was running 30 mph.

Pretty fast chicken, he thought, I wonder just how fast it can run. So he sped up and the chicken did too! They were now moving along the road at 45 mph!

The man in the car sped up again, to his surprise the chicken was still running ahead of him at 60 mph!!!

Suddenly the chicken turned off the road and ran down a long driveway leading to a farmhouse. The man followed the chicken to the house and saw a man in the yard with dozens of three legged chickens. The man in the car called out to the farmer "How did you get all these three legged chickens?"

The farmer replied, "I breed 'em. Ya see it's me, my wife and my son living here and we all like to eat the chicken leg. Since a chicken only has two legs, I started breeding this three legged variety so we could all eat our favorite piece."

"That's amazing!" said the driver "How do they taste?"

"Don't rightly know, I ain't caught one yet!"
2013-01-24 09:44:36 AM  
2 votes:
I'm not a purist.  Boneless wings are fine for me.

I do, however, draw the line at Wyngs.
2013-01-24 09:41:31 AM  
2 votes:
But they have enough strippers, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!
2013-01-24 03:40:50 PM  
1 vote:
2013-01-24 02:50:36 PM  
1 vote:

El Brujo: The only reason I'm going to a SB party is to relinquish my trophy for the fantasy football league that I'm in. This is done annually on superb owl sunday. I've embittered about our culture so much that, what really sounds good to me is staying home and recording it so that I can fast forward through all the bullshiat, the commercials, the pomp and circumstance, "patriotism", american idol awfulness. I don't want to see anything that isn't the game itself. And even that, I don't care so much about. I hope Ray Lewis goes out a loser, but I also don't necessarily want to see Kapernick as the next hero. What's wrong with me?
2013-01-24 02:41:07 PM  
1 vote:

billybobtoo: OK, Once again I'm gonna remind you people that we call them "wings", not Buffalo wings or chicken wings....just wings! (Lives 10 minutes from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo....the birthplace of wings.)

lol wut?

2013-01-24 01:32:04 PM  
1 vote:
Is this where I biatch about people wanting quiet during the commercials?
2013-01-24 11:49:29 AM  
1 vote:
I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings.
2013-01-24 10:25:22 AM  
1 vote:
I learned two things from this article. First, the third joint of the wing is called the flapper, which is kind of awesome. Second, you can eat it apparently, at least if you're Asian. I don't know how, there isn't any meat on em.
2013-01-24 10:09:17 AM  
1 vote:

vudukungfu: I have an idea. Let take something that is prone to salmonella, something most people can fark up.
Now, let's cook it in the hottest peppers we can stand so that there is no taste to it, just hot sauce.
And to top it off, We can serve it with rotten, moldy milk and curds.
Mmmm Mmmm good.

I love fried chicken, but you wings enthusiasts are just foodfaddies.
I like wings, too, but you can achieve the same thing with tenderloins or fillet of breast meat.

WTF? There's no similarity at ALL between tenderloin and fillet meat, and chicken wings. Explain your weird concept.
2013-01-24 10:08:10 AM  
1 vote:
I remember the first super bowl. I was 'Meh'.

I remember when buffalo wings came out. More 'Meh'.

Things haven't improved.

2013-01-24 09:53:24 AM  
1 vote:
It doesn't take much to start a furor with foodies, no matter how retrograde their tastes may be.

So anyone who eats food now is a "foodie?" I hate that word so much.
2013-01-24 09:48:59 AM  
1 vote:
Science just needs to invent a chicken with 6 wings instead of 2. Do I have to think of everything around here?
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2013-01-24 09:08:05 AM  
1 vote:
So press tofu into a wing shape. Do I have to solve all the world's problems?
2013-01-24 09:05:17 AM  
1 vote:
I hope subby got the NFL's permission to use that title for the upcoming contest in American football.
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