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(Anime News Network)   Dish to shutter 300 Blockbusters stores in the U.S. this year. In other news, there were still Blockbusters stores open in the U.S   ( divider line
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2013-01-22 08:38:21 AM  
2 votes:
I live in Sarasota, FL and we still have one Blockbuster open, though I never see anyone in there.

I feel like if I were to walk in there, it would look more akin to a museum featuring relics from a bygone era.

"Look there, school children. Back in the days before Netflix, Roku and Apple TV, we used to come in here, usually on Fridays and Saturdays by the dozen. We would roam these corridors like vultures in search of one of 35 copies of 'The Matrix' on something called a (reads index card) VHS tape. At times, we would be forced to wait in long checkout lines, because, the person in front of us would be arguing with one of the denizens of this movie hall, clad in their khakis and faded blue polo shirt, about something called "late fees" on a film entitled (reads index card) "Animal Instincts 2". Take heed, dear children, twas a different time."
2013-01-22 09:02:58 AM  
1 vote:

SpectroBoy: Blockbuster (spits)

They were the only game in town for years (after running the private shops out of business) and they acted like it. I am glad their death was slow and lingering.

I, for one, will dance on Blockbuster's grave.

For real. From someone who used to roam the horror section of the old fashioned mom and pop video stores and even Hollywood Video looking for the rare and obscure, I celebrate the demise of Blockbuster
2013-01-22 08:41:03 AM  
1 vote:
There's one by my parent's place that's actually been recently renovated. I went in to check it out while waiting for a table at the restaurant next door. They're doing a kind of modified price scale now, with new releases having a $2-3 flat rate for the first day and a buck a day after that. They still have a good selection of older movies, all a buck a day for as long as you want. It's not a terrible business strategy IMO, basically masquerading as a mortar and brick red box with exponentially more selection and a slight premium for current releases. Probably too little too late, but it was nice to see a Blockbuster that was still trying.
2013-01-22 08:37:01 AM  
1 vote:
By random chance, there's a Blockbuster within walking distance of me (assuming it is still open). It's located in a shopping center situated back and away from a Walmart, hidden from most of the traffic going to and from said Walmart, and seemingly placed where it's at to cater to the few large apartment complexes in that area.

Last time I went, they were selling a ridiculous number of previously viewed Blurays for $5 - $10 more than if you were to buy them brand new at the Walmart next door and charging so much for the rentals that it makes more sense to drive to any of the dozen Redboxes less than 5 miles away even if you live right next door to that store.
2013-01-22 08:25:09 AM  
1 vote:

bsharitt: The last Blockbuster I knew of around here finally closed last year.


And I shed nary a tear on the day it shuttered for the final time.

Reasons to loathe them and their business model. Oh, I've got 'em.
2013-01-22 08:19:29 AM  
1 vote:

alienated: propasaurus: alienated: I got a good deal on some used dvds when one of the blockbusters here closed about a year ago.
Kickass for 5 bucks ? Yes. Snatch for 5 bucks ? yes. no scratches, no shipping.
Sad to see folks losing their jobs though. Its even worse in the UK if the BBC and Sky are to be believed.
The things about having a brick and mortar videostore ( besides bb ) is you could sometimes find some rare thing, that you had never seen before, and at least one person in the store had watched it , and could tell you what it was about and if it was worth it.
/edith bunker voice- those weeerrrre the daaaayys

The things you're talking about, the rare find, the knowledgeable employee willing to share their wisdom... those things never existed inside a Blockbuster store.

But 2 unscratched prolly never rented copies of films I had seen and wanted to see more than 3 times did.And, I now have them legally.

You can buy a digital copy of snatch for about $5 and you can get a bluray, dvd and digital copy of kickass for $10. That is the problem with Blockbuster even when they have a deal it matches the normal internet price.
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