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(BBC)   The BBC has set its children's TV scheduling to Maximum Trolling   ( divider line
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2013-01-21 05:15:36 PM  

Pert: ShannonKW: Begoggle: The episode, which was filmed in 2001

Spare me your outrage.
This is like the efforts to remove every instance of the WTC after 9/11 from every form of media.

Pretty much this.

My first impulse is to wish some painful fate upon the people making trouble over such things. They are pests, and they get in the way of the life that people should be getting on with in the wake of the deeds of bad men, and they deserve to be punished for compounding the evils that bad men bring into the world.

But, you know, I just can't think of anything that could be done to the sort of person who who could be outraged over the mere appearance of now-destroyed buildings or disgraced celebrities in television reruns -- at least nothing that could make them suffer worse. Life must be Hell for people that delicate.

Pretending that a perfectly fine, normal building never existed solely because it was destroyed in a terrorist attack and/or being offended by the fact that images of said building appear in programmes made before it was destroyed is NOT the same as being offended by a children's TV show broadcast today featuring references to a man who we now know used his status as a children's tv host to abuse children.

If you cannot see a difference you are clearly not playing with a full deck.

It was stupid to rebroadcast the show today, so close to the revelation of what he has done. And, if this was a kids show broadcast on BBC's kids network, it was definitely stupid to broadcast it again at all for kids.

However, in the same vein as the OP you replied to was biatching about, it would also be stupid to Chris Benoit him from history altogether if someone were, say, doing a documentary on BBC Children's television programming.
2013-01-22 02:32:24 AM  

the801: i'm not sure how this is more scandalous than the fact that the simpsons episode featuring the WTC is still in syndication. and i think it would be scandalous if that episode wasn't still in syndication.

[ image 361x303]

Not to mention Barney Miller. You get reminded of them at the begining of each episode!
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