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(Toronto Star)   Toronto Star columnist garners world-wide attention for writing the worst opening sentence ever to a news story   ( divider line
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2013-01-20 08:57:14 PM  

There were half a dozen medical personnel in the room. She could see only the tips of a few heads, beyond the screen pulled over her midsection...

Why is only this doctor being charged, since the tips of those heads must have belonged to the dozen medical personal??

/Please, just the tip...
2013-01-21 12:21:59 AM  

amquelbettamin: The pen is mightier

I'll order a dozen.
2013-01-21 01:36:14 AM  

swaniefrmreddeer: My orthodontic surgeon killed himself after a woman came forward claiming he took off her panties while she was still under. The day after the story broke more women came forward claiming the same thing. Things like that do happen. Many doctors have a god complex and think the rules only apply to the little people.

Right but... a "slit open your stomach and remove all the lady bits" surgery is serious business, and she's saying there were about six other people in the room. Lie down and have SEVEN people stand around you - not exactly a lot of space there.

Okay, some of the people may have been standing off a bit for some reason, so let's say at least three other people gathered around her body and three others back a way. Those surgical curtains usually only go up to about chest height on a standing person, which means any of the others in the room, standing up, would have been able to see over it with a glance. By her account the curtain was at her abdomen/chest, not her chin/neck, so he wouldn't have that to nearness to block the view. Lot of empty space between his penis and the curtain.

It's just difficult to imagine how that many people in a small space (elbow to elbow) would have failed to notice the anaesthetist standing up (instead of sitting by her head like they usually do), bracing himself on the curtain, and thrusting his cock in her mouth.

It doesn't mean it didn't happen, it's just really hard to imagine how it could credibly happen (as opposed to the kissing, which seems like it would be pretty easy to get away with). I'd want to see how the same procedure is usually done at the hospital, where people stand, where they move to, etc, to see if it were even possible, let alone probable.
2013-01-21 04:41:27 AM  

pstudent12: Cuchulane
I guess it possible, but still seems odd.He's originally from India, and they are known for their respectful treatment of women... oh...hmm...

Which Indians do you mean Cuchulane ? The Aryan/Indo-Europeans with the cultures going back to Edda books (which are far far more respectful of women than any of the Abrahamic religions) or the Dravidians or the Aboriginal people or the 150 million or so chinese/asian Indians ?

With regard to Abrahamic religions, I'm unaware of any of them having a tradition of encouraging (and depending on the case, even coercing) widows to fatally burn themselves alive on their husband's funerary pyres to prove their fidelity.

There's a great deal to like and respect about India and its civilizations stretching back to ancient times, but this was a bad tree to bark up.
2013-01-21 11:24:34 AM  

starsrift: Bit'O'Gristle: I'm calling bullshiat on this one. There are far too many people in the room for anyone to get away with that crap. The doctors, nurses, there is NO way that this guy could whip out his johnson and give her a oral exam, or make out with her, with all those people right there. Bullshiat.

I could see making out. Bend over the patient, shoulders obscure everything. But whipping out the penis sounds very, very unlikely.

So why exactly would these 20+ women make this crazy shiat up?

I guess you guys don't know that the anaesthesiologist works basically alone at first and the surgeons only come in when the patient is ready for surgery. That's how they do things around here anyway.
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