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2001-11-26 06:30:25 PM
Why are y'all biatchin??? Some of us drive past a Humvee and a manned machine gun nest on the way to work every goddamned day... Get over it. Sure, you might think its "window dressing", but believe me, these guys are very serious.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of personal freedom for increased security. Quitcherbiatchin. Be thankful there aren't armored personnel carriers on the streetcorners, you dont have to carry around a chemical warfare mask wherever you go, and you're not worried about a helicopter gunship strafing the street as you walk to your corner grocery store. Many people around the world face that on a daily basis. And you cant handle a humvee with an armed troop in front of the freaking airport??

Americans as a whole forget that their freedoms aren't naturally inherent, they have been given to them by the blood, sweat and tears of 225 years of their sons and daughters, fathers and grandfathers who swore to defend their freedoms, "against all enemies, foreign and domestic". Their freedoms are NOT given to them on a silver platter, they are given to each American on the bloodstained bodies of the military members throughout this great nation's history who have put the needs of their country before their own lives.

Think everyone needs to read the oath every military member recites when they join; and maybe it'll enlighten you as to what goes on behind the scenes. I say 'its about farking time' that there is at least a sense of 'we're trying to make this better'.

Americans are lax in their personal security as a whole. Many of us take Anti-terrorism training on a yearly basis. Maybe we should start teaching those types of classes out in the real world; it might stop these terrorist actions before they start. If someone (like the guys on the plane that went down in PA) realized 'this is wierd' and reacted, we might not have had to deal with this situation.
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