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(ABC News)   Police say they've caught two "Ninja cigarette thieves"   ( divider line
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5154 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Nov 2001 at 12:02 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-25 12:09:12 AM  
I wonder if these are the same cops who reported the "Nuclear Death Cloud" a few weeks ago.
2001-11-25 12:17:02 AM  
the dudes last name was nyugen, the same last name as one of the people that died from anthrax.... hmmm how many people in the us have a last name of nyugen?
2001-11-25 12:20:32 AM  
That is a popular name Asian name. But I say give them the death penalty.
2001-11-25 12:22:03 AM  
Rats. And I thought that they were using Chinese throwing stars or nunchakus to perform the burglaries. Whimps.
2001-11-25 12:22:24 AM  
I wonder if they used paper throwing stars to hold up the stores?
2001-11-25 12:27:03 AM  
Wow, that article described a lot. Just a space filling thing about nothing, I guess.
2001-11-25 12:28:11 AM  
Then again...

I wonder how much they were selling the smokes for. I'm looking to cut down my costs. LOL.
2001-11-25 01:10:02 AM  
Black Market training ninjas to steal cigarettes - France Surrenders
2001-11-25 01:24:42 AM  
Ha. They do not know the true way of the ninja. They have been captured alive. They must commit seppuku.

Now to vanish without a trace...

Dang. Can never get that right...
2001-11-25 01:25:17 AM  
Beware the texas ninjas, y'all.
2001-11-25 01:28:06 AM  
Ninjas. Hee hee.
2001-11-25 01:35:03 AM  
PSA: Technicality: The Plural form of "ninja" is in fact, "ninja."

Professional reference.
2001-11-25 01:43:24 AM  
if these guys are willing to bust into a convenience store dressed as ninja, then they deserve the damn cigarettes. and since when is there a "black market" for cigarettes?
2001-11-25 02:30:22 AM  
Okay, beware the Texas ninja, then, y'all!

Damn you and your technicality, Botsuraku-san...

Don't make me come over there and vanish without a trace on you!
2001-11-25 03:02:53 AM  
and since when is there a "black market" for cigarettes

For the past five years it has been growing. After smokes went above 4 dollars a pack people have been smuggleing them across from the southern states again. Drug addicts and other loser criminals (non mobs) have been stealing them at 7-11's and selling them because of the tax.

A friend of mine works for the NYPD and he was telling me how 1/3 of all cigs in manhatten are gotten from states with lower taxes and not with the NY tax stamp. At pack at a time its no big deal but it adds up when you buy a few hundred cartons at a time.
2001-11-25 05:49:02 AM  
Ninjas stealing cigarettes, do dah, do dah...
2001-11-25 08:20:03 AM  

nyugen is a very common vietnamese surname. the texas gulf coast was inundated with vietnamese in the 70's after the war. looks like they have hooked up with the mexicans for mutual profit. ain't america great.
2001-11-25 09:22:59 AM  
Burglarize? Burglarizing? Hamburgling? Burglarometer?
2001-11-25 09:41:20 AM  
There's a black market because FedGov taxes the hell out of them. The states do it as well. If cigarettes were taxed normally they'd cost about ninety cents a pack. As state gov's and FedGov raise taxes, the "black market" becomes more lucrative.

I wouldn't hesistate to buy black market cigs if I could find a reliable source. $1.75 for black market vs. about $3.20 for legit market leaves the consumer with a fairly obvious choice to pick.
2001-11-25 09:58:33 AM  
cigs are cool
2001-11-25 10:20:11 AM  
Not to mention just how big the black market for cigs
in Canada is. I think a carton of cigs there runs from
$65-$85 if i'm not mistaken.
2001-11-25 11:28:27 AM  
...or you could just QUIT SMOKING!
2001-11-25 11:45:35 AM  
For the canadian cigs, cut the price in half cause one of our dolars is two of theres, but that still looks expensive to me. Yall all stop smoking, not good for you. plus more money for beer man..
2001-11-25 01:41:39 PM  
I used to live in sugarland. where that one kid is from. didn't know him though.
2001-11-25 02:21:05 PM  
The real terrorists are the tobacco companies and the persecuted heroes are the pot farmers.
2001-11-25 03:32:49 PM  
My local liquor store just had its front door smashed in and their cigarettes stolen. California added 50 cents to the price of a pack a few years ago (the 'Meathead' tax, 'cuz Rob Reiner was a big proponent), pushing it above $4.50. Some people are buying them out of state by mail, but they don't realize that the seller turns over their name and quantity to the state (it's a federal law that they do so), which then sends the buyers a bill. I despise smoking, but I despise the fascisti in state government even more.
2001-11-25 04:11:02 PM  
btw, it wasn't me, I'm more into sticks than cigarretes.
2001-11-25 08:29:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-26 12:15:35 AM  
"Come dressed as a ninja and win a free pack of cigarettes"
Availible at participating locations. Not valid with any other offer. Taxes may apply.
2001-11-26 11:18:40 AM  
'Burglarizing' is the worst abuse of the English language that I think I've ever come across.
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