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(Addicting Info)   Required teaching in sex-education classes that homosexuality is criminal. It is not just a bigoted and dumbass idea, it's the law ... in Alabama   ( ) divider line
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2013-01-13 03:08:34 PM  

Snatch Bandergrip: dantheman195: HighOnCraic: Lsherm: AirForceVet: I'll pick on Utah for one, but there's plenty of other states with nasty attitudes as well.

New jersey is the most racist state I've ever been in.  And I live near Richmond, VA.  I know racism.  Southerners like to lie to themselves and consider their racism "genteel" - but there's a nugget of truth buried under that shiatpile.  Racism in New Jersey is loud, obnoxious, and very much out in the open.

Did New Jersey ever have Jim Crow laws?
Or a city nicknamed "Bombingham"?

No, New Jersey was too smart for something that obvious. NJ does a good job of seggergating the races, a certain population lives in Newark, Camden, Trenton, New Brunswick, Sicklerville, and so forth and different population in Summit, Moorestown, Milburn, Montgomery, Scotch Plains, etc.

New Jersey has over 600 different towns with their own mayors, town councils, police departments, etc and over 650 different schools districts, with 20 school-less school districts. In the early days these towns and districts were formed to keep "them" out. Them can be darkies, Italians, Polish, etc

What the hell? Where in NJ are you guys? I was born and raised in Essex County, and it's one of the most diverse places I've ever encountered. Sure, there's lots of blacks and hispanics in the lower-income areas like Newark, East Orange, and lots of whites in wealthier parts like Bergen, Summit, but that's everywhere. Union, for example, is strongly middle class, and predominantly black/Latin. The middle class areas of Northern NJ are remarkably diverse, and racial tension is close to nonexistent (admittedly, in the 70s and earlier that wasn't the case, but again, that was everywhere).

Camden, yes, that's a problem. It's Jersey's answer to Detroit.

In my experience NJ has far more of a wealth/class divide than a racial one. Especially considering that black celebs like Chris Rock and Diddy have homes here.

If you think Jerseyans are obnoxious, wait till you ...

I assume you must be a white New Jerseyan. I had a professor in undergrad who was pretty much a walking stereotype of an academic--big bushy beard, sweater vests all the time--who said he'd get pulled over for driving while black every time he went back to visit his family in New Jersey. My sister-in-law was treated badly for being Hispanic a sufficient number of times while growing up in Jersey that upon moving to Florida and meeting my brother, she had to be repeatedly reassured that she didn't need to worry about meeting my parents, they wouldn't hate her for not being white.

There are a lot of places that white people assume aren't as racist as they really are because if you're white, you're not experiencing it. Heck, I went to undergrad in rural north Georgia, if I was going on just what I'd experienced and observed, I'd say it was racial harmony. Except that the place was overrun by the Klan and black students were afraid to leave campus by themselves. But hey, as a white person I didn't see any of that.
2013-01-15 05:11:54 PM  

milkyshirt: I saw that cartoon again while lurking in a thread the other day and, while the subject matter is a little different, I think you could switch out the atheist out with a lot of other groups. Particularly gays.

/feel free to steal this one
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