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(WLWT)   Township trustee's public indecency charges dropped after attorney convinces judge that exposing yourself to a woman in a car in a driveway is not "public"   ( divider line
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2013-01-08 04:41:28 PM  
The degenerate probably had a celebratory rub-out right in the courthouse parking lot.
2013-01-08 05:09:52 PM  
An unsolicited penis in driveway, though indecent, is not public.
2013-01-08 06:11:28 PM  
Dick in driveway: OK
Penis on parkway: BAD

/make a note
2013-01-08 06:12:40 PM  
The woman told police that O'Brien performed a sex act on himself May 13 in a car outside his house after she'd given him a ride.

So it's perfectly legal to jerk off in some woman's car after she gives you a ride? I will have to remember that.
2013-01-08 06:22:18 PM  
Does this apply to an Arby's Drive-Thru staffed by a chubby Shannen Doherty lookalike whose eyes say "yes" while her screams and hurled Curly Fries say "no?"

I'm, um, asking for a friend.
2013-01-08 06:23:23 PM
2013-01-08 06:26:50 PM  

Mr. Coffee Nerves: hurled Curly Fries say "no?"

Tell your friend to ask for those new bbq chips they've got. Hurled or not, they're pretty good.

/he took it out
2013-01-08 06:59:02 PM  
Why is it we drive on a porkway, but pork on a driveway?
2013-01-08 07:55:50 PM  
2013-01-08 07:56:48 PM  
it's a pubic area, baby
2013-01-08 08:01:29 PM  
I didn't think my living room was a public place either, but the neighbors obviously thought different.
2013-01-08 08:03:30 PM  
Is this the Hickory Farms Cheese Log you were looking for, madam?

My bad. The pork roll is in aisle 3.
2013-01-08 08:22:14 PM  
That must be one hell of a lawyer!
2013-01-08 09:37:51 PM  
I imagine the lawyer argued he got THROWN into "public"
2013-01-08 10:20:08 PM  
I don't understand why people get upset about this. You just get out your phone, laugh and say "This is going on UTube!" I'll sure get a lot of hits next time you run for office! It's kind of small, can we get a better angle or lighting?"
2013-01-08 10:31:22 PM  
The guy is a dickweed but this is an absolutely correct decision by the judge.
2013-01-08 10:36:35 PM  
His own driveway? Carry on then.

//could've asked for a rimshot or something
///making no sense tonight... woohoo
2013-01-08 10:44:04 PM  
Old Dude: Thanks for the ride lady, wanna watch me crank one out?

Lady: No thanks.

Old Dude: I'm going to anyway, ever see Bad Lieutenant? Help a brother out . . .
2013-01-08 10:56:19 PM  

Ima4nic8or: The guy is a dickweed but this is an absolutely correct decision by the judge.

The guy is a sex offender.
2013-01-09 01:43:11 AM  
So if it wasn't public, who filed the charges? If the lady wasn't the offended party (which I have to assume) then did the cops follow them up into her driveway and bust the guy for jacking off? Because if that's the case and they had no reason to be up in her driveway...this was a totally correct decision, it wasn't public. It was on private property.

If she'd been parked on the street, and the cops drove by (which is a pretty funny way to catch people going at it, my guys used to catch hookers & clients all the time), that would be different--that IS public property. A driveway is not. Unless she'd been speeding or DUI and they pulled her over in her driveway, which also doesn't seem to be the case.

Good call by the judge.
2013-01-09 09:03:25 AM  
It's silly how seriously we take nudity in this country.
2013-01-09 12:29:12 PM  
Different rules for well-connected people?
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