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(Guardian)   Russian experiment suggests that a mission to Mars would be compromised by the crew's isolation and boredom. BONUS: Article includes picture of the experiment's ultra-realistic interior of a Mars-bound vessel   ( divider line
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2013-01-08 09:19:00 PM  
This photo: Full Size

Reminded me of this.
2013-01-08 09:59:53 PM  

Tyrosine: This photo:

[ image 460x276]

Reminded me of this.

From that article: " "There are also a number of key navigational instruments which we have not yet begun to whittle." "

Based on the photo, I think it's clear what russia has been reduced to building it's spacecraft with..But how do they ever find a sycamore that tall?
2013-01-09 01:35:17 AM  
Easy fix...

images.veerle.duoh.comView Full Size
2013-01-09 01:36:38 AM  
I have a feeling the real capsule would be even smaller than the one in the picture. I think Clarke had the right idea: put people in suspended animation. Leave one or two awake and give them a nearly sentient computer to distract them and keep them company. If only we could figure out how to do that.
2013-01-09 03:57:55 AM  
They should send programmers instead. It's not that different in terms of environment - hours spent with the same other guys, no sign of family, etc etc.

At least they'll be doing work.
2013-01-09 07:34:53 AM  
To make their lives even worse, some germans decided to run a study on longterm sodium balance and forced the "astronauts" to eat a controlled diet with the same sodium content every day: Was a pretty cool study, but the food they had to eat looks boring as hell
2013-01-09 11:35:10 AM  
later the astronauts got permission to build bunkbeds with all the new room for activities boredom was defeated
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